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Luna Jokull Krutz

Roleplay: "A Warring Wonderland"

Player: Sweetsunnyrain

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Luna Jokull Krutz is the name of this five foot eight inch pale skinned woman right over here. Her hair is a deep chocolate brown, and her eyes a caramel color, though they've lost the spark that they had years ago.

Luna is twenty years old, born January 13th, 1992. Her body type is curvy, with c cup breasts and proportional parts. She weighs a good one hundred and twenty five pounds, and seems fit, all in all.

However, Luna's body is rather weak, and the woman cannot exert her power too much, or she will immediately experience the physical side effects. This is due to her having done drugs for the past three years, and has only stopped taking them for a year.

Her hands. though callused, are useless as well, due to an accident that occurred exactly four years ago. Because of that, Luna's hands cause her tremendous pain if she moves them vigorously. Grabbing an object, shaking hands, and waving are about the most she can do now.

Luna dresses in an elegant way, often in plain white dresses with no decoration on them, that reach down to her ankles. If not in a white color, it would most likely be a beige or a lighter gray. Her diamond marking is two halves on the inside of her wrists, becoming a diamond pattern when she brings the two together. Luna has various puncture wound scars from needles injected into her. The scars are all on her right arm.

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Luna is a rather complicated character. She seems to be in a dream at times, though sometimes is dead serious, and it's hard to know which is which, unless you've known her for a while.

Luna has a very cynical view on the world.She finds the pessimistic side to everything, and always sees the glass half empty. Luna is usually always depressed, or sad, a side effect due to her abuse of drugs. Another trait is that the woman seems to be always looking for an eternal dream that she can rest in and be happy in forever, often becoming disappointed when it turns out that it is not the case.

Luna accepts most anything that comes to her, believing that what happens was meant to happen, and that she can never do anything to help that. She usually remains in a half muddled, sad and confused state, saying half truths, half lies, and never anything whole. One thing to note would be that as sad as Luna gets, she will not cry,almost as if the poor girl has an inability to cry.

Equipment / Abilities
what's broken cannot be mended~
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Until a year ago,Luna was in possession of a Stradivarius violin. However, due to her past, she ended up destroying the precious instrument, and losing it forever. To this day, Luna still regrets shattering it, as it was her most precious treasure.

Unknown to her, in Wonderland, Luna has the ability to use her full physical abilities and a little extra strength for five minutes, though she will experience immediate muscle strain afterwards. Luna also wields a violin bow with a retractable blade,though she doesn't realize she has possession of this either.


SUPERWOMAN: When using her ability that she has no clue exists, Luna can lift things that go up to three hundred pounds, and throw them for at most thirty yards. However, this comes with incredibly painful muscle strain


MEMORY: Luna's extremely touchy on the subject of her memory of violins, and this will often cause more extreme reactions from her usually bland personality.

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Memories of the lost...

what's broken cannot be mended~

Luna had grown up in Germany, in a high class family. Picking up her first violin at age six, Luna immediately fell in love with the instrument, playing it day in night, going from Mozart, to Chopin, to Bach. At the age of nine, Luna began to enter herself in contests and such. Her first competition earned her fourth place, but Luna was determined to press on. Slowly but surely,the girl practiced and practiced, improving as best she could, finally earning first place at age thirteen. From then on, Luna began to expand to bigger competitions, farther places, gaining more and more fame in Germany as the young violinist. Luna's life seemed perfect; she experienced so much joy just from a simple instrument.

But then, everything fell apart, when Luna was injured in a car accident while rushing away to a concert. Luna lost extensive use of her hands, only able to make small movements with them, and nothing more. The girl was then diagnosed with PTSD at the age of fifteen. Luna had lost the joy in life; the ability to play the violin. She began to search for something, anything, that would rekindle this joy.

At the age of sixteen, Luna resorted to drugs. She loved the exhilarating feeling it gave her, it was so close to the feeling she'd had while playing the violin, and the girl soon became hooked on it. She tried just about any drug you could imagine, taking them, getting high on them, and making bad decisions, including one that resulted in her loss of virginity at age seventeen.

At one point, Luna overdosed on drugs when she was eighteen, but was quickly found out by her parents, who then sent her away to rehab. Luna was devastated. The feeling of euphoria was now gone forever. She couldn't do drugs, she couldn't even play the violin. In a fit of rage one day, Luna threw her precious Stradivarius to the ground, breaking it into pieces.

A year later, after getting out of rehab, Luna attempted to fit back into modern society. However, she was instead overcome by a wave of reporters, attempting to come up with a news story about the violinist who could not play any longer. Luna was again reminded of her past, how she used to enjoy the simple sound of a stringed instrument. However, her newer 'reformed' personality merely stayed silent, though inside she was a raging storm of emotions. Finally, on the third day after arriving back into her own home, Luna climbed to the top of her thirty story apartment building, and took a dive off the top, attempting to end her life. However, instead of dying like planned, Luna instead fell into Wonderland.

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Luna's favorite song to play was the Hungarian Dance No.5.She has a love/hate relationship with fairy tales, because she wants so much to have a happy ending, and live in a land where everything is joyful, yet knows that this is not possible. When she arrives in Wonderland, Luna is both disappointed and elated that she's finally found her way into Wonderland, but has failed to kill herself.

Luna's themes includes:

Sleeping Beauty