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Lisette Blanche Mary Ann

Roleplay: "A Warring Wonderland"

Player: Sweetsunnyrain

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I'm late! [White Rabbit]

"Oh, what a shame, it seems you've made me late."

Depending on the situation at hand, the Rabbit can be either called Lisette Blanche, or Mary Ann. Standing at five feet, five inches, Lisette has a petite figure and cream colored skin. Her hair is a lovely off white, not white, yet is white. Isn't that exciting? It is cut in an orderly manner- well, as orderly as you can get with her wavy locks that reach down just above her waist. She cuts it herself.

Her eyes are an oval shape, grey in color, though they sometimes gain a blueish tint. However, her eyesight is downright horrendous, and so, she wears black framed glasses. Lisette is six hundred and thirty three years old, looking to be about eighteen to twenty human years of age. She weighs one hundred and thirteen pounds, and has rather small breasts, though the exact size is not determined.

 Lisette tries to dress as orderly as possible, usually in a simple Lolita style dress with very few embellishments, the only ones being on the hem of her skirt and some ribbons accentuating things. These dresses usually go to an inch above her knees, and are usually in a black, navy, or brown color.

Lisette, in her 'regular' form is also in possession of two snow white ears on her head, and a fluffy rabbit's tail. Naturally her dresses are custom made to fit the tail through the back.

A rose hairpin is also her main accessory for the head. In her second form, she is but a harmless rabbit. Her fur is that same pleasing off white color, and her eyes are grey as well. Her ears are silky with a soft pink inside. Lisette is able to speak in this form, but rather dislikes it, thinking it wild, vulgar, and undesirable.

"I guess we're two sides of the same coin."

Lisette is a strange being. You would expect a Rabbit to be insecure, soft, and caring, but this is not the case for Lisette. In fact, the girl is the complete opposite of that. Sarcastic and blunt, Lisette is an apathetic character who doesn't particularly care for anyone or anything, and has no real attachment to Wonderland. She will tell you what she's thinking, no matter how annoying, hurtful, or cruel her thoughts are, making the girl surprisingly honest. She doesn't enjoy human company, but she does not hate it either. Lisette will make no attempts to socialize if she is not being talked to, but will respond if you try to interact with her.

Above all, Lisette values being punctual and organized the most. She will not stand to be late for an appointment or meeting, no matter how casual it is, and will make a big deal over things that are out of place. She abhors people that just 'go with the flow,' and seems rather uncomfortable around them.

Mary Ann. You've all heard of Mary Ann, correct? The servant of the White Rabbit that the White Rabbit can never seem to find? There is a reason as to why that is. Mary Ann is The White Rabbit. Or rather, Lisette Blanche possesses two separate personalities, one being that of the White Rabbit's, and the other being that of Mary Ann.

Due to an event in her past, Lisette's personality will randomly switch back and forth between her own, and Mary Ann's. Lisette is unaware of this, thinking that she's blacked out, or fallen asleep when Mary Ann takes over.

Mary Ann's personality is soft spoken and shy. Young and naive, Mary Ann tends to behave
slightly less mature than Lisette does. She is easily affected by the emotions of other people as well as herself, and blushes easily, as she becomes flustered easily. Mary Ann displays her emotions on her face, rather than through her words.

She is also clumsy, and tends to apologize for whatever she thinks she is doing wrong. Mary Ann is aware of Lisette's existence, and often feels guilt, for they are the same person, yet are split in an unfair way. She would much rather have Lisette be in control the whole time. To make things simpler, Mary Ann is the emotional side of Lisette, and usually comes out whenever Lisette comes into romantic situations. However, her appearances also tend to be sporadic as well.

Equipment / Abilities

Lisette holds the ability to warp time to her needs. This means that she is allowed to slow or quicken the flow of time. However, Lisette cannot go back in time, only forwards.

The tool she uses to do this is her pocket watch. By winding it and adjusting it the way she pleases, time may seem faster or slower. However, Lisette cannot use this ability without her pocket watch, making it useless if she ever loses track of the item.

The only weapons Lisette possess are the watch and a pair of shears. There is no clear use for the shears as of yet, as Lisette only uses them to trim her garden, but shears will make a good weapon any day.


Intelligent: Lisette is very in depth with her knowledge, holding accurate information that she herself has collected about Wonderland. She can tell you the exact number of mushrooms there are in the forest, the population of the regions, almost like a guidebook of Wonderland, though she's only been alive for about four hundred years. Lisette also has extensive information about a wide variety of topics including: the ocean, plant life, economics, etc.

No Mercy: Due to her apathetic nature, Lisette is nearly emotionless at times, which often helps when being forced to make a decision based upon logic and nothing else.


Personality Changes: Lisette's personality switches into Mary Ann sporadically, and sometimes may switch at the most inopportune moments, creating a weakness, as Mary Ann's mental capabilities are not the same as Lisette's.

Density: Lisette is very emotionless and blunt, since she is the logical mind of things. The girl often takes things in the more literal sense, and is very dense to the emotions of people around her, often resulting in misunderstandings and drama.

"There's always a reason for everything..."

Lisette was born in the Club Works Federation, along with her fifty years younger sister, Mary Ann. Mary Ann treated Lisette almost like a queen, respecting her, and loving her like a role model. Lisette felt it was her duty to pr
otect Mary Ann, and did so, taking care of her little sister with great empathy, unlike she behaves now.

Her family was an organized family that ran literally like clockwork. Breakfast at eight am sharp, lunch at twelve pm, dinner at six. Lisette's father was a man of many words, and loved inventing with a passion. However, he was so deeply in love with inventing, that he sometimes seemed to neglect Lisette and her sister. Even though Lisette already had the love and attention from her sister, she was still longing for the love from her parents, and pursued them, leaving poor Mary Ann alone.

Slowly, Mary Ann began to sink into depression, though Lisette never noticed it, and continued on trying to gain attention from her parents. Mary Ann even went so far as to create a pocket watch that would control time to impress Lisette, but Lisette merely waved the poor girl off.
Finally, Mary Ann, age two hundred and thirty two years, slit her wrists, and committed suicide. Lisette was shocked, and felt horrible about neglecting her dear sister, then attempting to commit suicide herself. However, miraculously, the girl survived, but with a cost- her personality had become split into two. The harsh, cold Lisette became known as the White Rabbit, while the softer, kinder Lisette became known as Mary Ann. Lisette then left the Club Works Federation along with the pocketwatch that her sister had invented
, and began to live as a go between from the other kingdoms, locking away the memories of her sister and her own selfishness in the back of her mind.


"Must you know more?"

In her spare time, Lisette trims a small hedge garden, often making figures of people including Teagan, Enz, and Koli. She has a deathly fear of high places (or more specifically, falling from them), and will become visibly squeamish when she is in a situation like that. Lisette will only drink Earl Gray tea.


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