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Anabella Mata Casas

Roleplay: "Ready for improvement?"

Player: MarineViolet

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Respect the Pirate Captain, and maybe she'll let you live.

Anabella is 30 years old, and is 5'7". She weighs 145 pounds, is a brunette, and has green eyes. Quite athletic. She always wears her black pirate jacket, which has two inside pockets for daggers, one outside pocket for coins, and a small belt around for style. She always wears jeans that reach her ankles, dark brown pirate boots, conveniently big enough to hide weapons and scribblings, and her trusty long sword in a scabbard by her side. This scabbard is very simple, brown body and for hilt:
Black shirt with skull design. Her necklace is gold chain with a cage-like charm at the end. No other jewelry.

Anabella, called Ana by her closest friends and confidants, is a clever, sly, proud girl. She hates when people talk back, and has both a sharp tongue and sword. Be advised, to anger her is to dance with death. She is very smart, and talks things over before doing. She'd never run into battle without first knowing everything about the enemy and she loves to show off. She's also good at keeping her enemies close, and has been known to make friends and deals with enemies. When angry, acts without thinking and curses in Spanish. She's a bit lazy.

For some strange reason, she seems to hate the lost children with a passion, even more than the redskins.

Equipment / Abilities
Very good ability with a sword, can throw daggers.
Knows how to sail, but prefers letting a crew member sail.
Very agile and athletic, and is good at hand-to-hand fighting.
Incredibly smart.
Can sneak around, and knows how to get into enemy territory undetected.
Knows Spanish and English.

Ana wasn't born in Neverland, she comes from the real world, Spain to be exact. Ana had a little brother and a little sister when she lived in the real world, and she was always the spoiled one, never having to work for anything. She was always considered a genius, and her parents pushed her into studying boring things, like science. They were of course, the Casas family, famed for owning the largest construction company in all of Spain. She always hated it, and ditched school whenever she could. She learned to take advantage of friends and teachers, to take things without giving back. She never studied, but she never went to parties either, always spending time at home, learning to wield dangerous items, such as the kitchen knives and needles her mother had laying around. Of course, whenever her parents had company over, she was a quiet, adorable, smart little angel. Ana didn't like her parent's friends, and would only stay for a couple minutes before sneaking out a window with a few hand-painted targets and knives. Her parents never suspected a thing, the poor souls.

When she was 11, her siblings were visited by none other than a certain Peter Pan. Angry and jealous, Ana listened in on the conversation, every word making her angrier and angrier. With a loud slam, she thrust open the door and caught a stray pixie, being whisked away to Neverland. When she got there, the first thing she did was run off, not listening to any of the shouting behind her. Soon, as she ran, she slammed into a pirate, a man. He was told to kill her, as the others believed she was a lost child, but he saw something in her, and he trained her. She never found out who he was, only knowing that he was Hook's right-hand man, his First Mate. One day, he disappeared, when she was 28. She was soon crowned captain after the death of Captain Hook, and has been ever since. Her biggest wish is to find the mysterious man, but she doesn't let anyone know. As far as the other crew members know, she's after the treasure, nothing else.

Loves desserts and shiny things.