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Elan Howahkah

Roleplay: "Neverland"

Player: MarineViolet

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"Of course! Of course! Whatever makes you happy!"

Elan is 33 years old, 6'1", and 155 pounds. Elan's hair is a dirty blonde, and occasional red streaks, courtesy of the red paint he so often uses. His eyes are hazel, and he has an athletic build. Elan's choice of garment is a leather jacket, beige. Underneath this jacket he wears a plain white shirt with designs he draws himself, his specialties being hands and plants. He wears pants that reach his ankles, white moccasins with green streaks, again from paint, and a bow made from osage orange slung over his shoulder, along with a quiver of arrows. Each of his arrows has an Eurasian Jay feather tied to the back. For jewelry, he only wears a bracelet woven from Agrostis, or Bentgrass. He keeps two daggers in his belt, in plain sight for anyone to see. Simple, scabbards are woven from bamboo, painted green. Hilts are wooden.

Name : Elan Howahkah/ Friendly One of the Mysterious Voice translated.
Nickname : Ellie
Age : 33
Hair : Dirty Blonde
Eyes : Hazel
What are you : Indian

Elan is a very outgoing young man, friendly to everyone. He is very calm, peaceful, and enjoys making others smile and laugh. A smart boy, he learns everything he can about the world around him, and is an expert in things such as the local flora and wildlife. He's been described as 'too good to be true' by more than one eager female. He's a little naive, just a touch gullible, and a hard worker. He holds on tight to his beliefs, believes the Chief knows what's best, but isn't afraid to speak up if something's bothering him, just as long as it won't cause problems. Always thinks before he speaks.  He doesn't enjoy the constant battles and war the tribe has with the pirates, and he doesn't enjoy capturing the lost children for fun out in Slightly Gulch. He finds it rude and cruel, but wouldn't dare breathe a word to anyone, just to avoid conflict.

The only people he holds disdain towards is the pixies. He finds them arrogant, selfish, and not too bright. Is good friends with some pirates, but keeps this a secret.

Likes : Archery, botany, peace, excitement.
Dislikes : Dangerous secrets, pixies, the traps the redskins set at Slightly Gulch.

Equipment / Abilities
Expert archer. Good with daggers, can throw, good at hand-to-hand, but prefers long-range.
Very knowledgeable about Neverland's flora and wildlife, as well as Earth's.
Agile, athletic.
Very persuasive. Has the ability to calm the people around him, and make friends quickly.
Knows English, and can speak the pixie's language fairly well.

 Weapons: Bow and arrows. Knowledge. Two daggers.

Elan's original birthplace was North America, specifically New Mexico. Elan was the angel of his household, living with his parents and his older brother. They lived in a nice suburban area, and Elan's first 10 years of life were spent in relative peace and happiness. He made many friends, and in his little town, everyone knew Elan as 'that one little angelic boy'. 

His parents were the kind of people that wanted their children to have as many skills in as many areas as possible, so when Elan's older brother asked for archery classes, Elan's parents took advantage and thrust Elan into it too. Elan worked hard, and passed his brother in skill quickly. As he gained skills in areas such as botany, archery, general knowledge, and other things, Elan started to get a little bored of his perfect life. 

Even this little angel wanted something to happen. Anything! Something to make his heart race, something he wasn't good at, something he needed to work for. This desire hit Elan hard, and he kept it a secret. He didn't want to worry his parents that they're little angel was having a bad time. Eventually fed up with all this secrecy and boredom, Elan was trying to decide what to do when he was visited that night by a pixie, a blonde one with green, plant-like clothing. She came for him, and for him only. Of course, his 14 year-old brother was jealous, but he helped the two escape.

Elan was, of course, thrilled at this. Finally! Something new and exciting! Until he got to Neverland. Then all of a sudden, he was thrown into another care-free life, even more perfect than before. Of course, Elan was horrified. So, when he was around Slightly Gulch, and was captured by the redskins, of course he begged them for a place in their tribe. They were a little confused, but agreed readily. Elan was just glad that he now had conflict in his life, had something a little difficult to do, secrets that were fun to keep, but weren't dangerous. Now, he hungers for something more. 

Maybe something like a Treasure Pixie's riddle...

Uses large, intelligent words when flustered.