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Amaki Fera Dwin'itryn

Roleplay: "ISOS_Xavi"

Player: ISOS Duke

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"History repeats itself because no one listens the first time."


Amaki Fera Dwin'itryn

nickname: Ama, Maki
preference: Straight
age: Twenty-two
eye color: right eye, left eye
hair color: Pale blue
height/weight: Five foot six, one hundred, twenty-five pounds

Amaki is usually the quiet type, not usually talking unless the situation really calls for it. She tends to survey situations more than anything so when she does talk she makes sure that it is something worth while; she dislikes people who talk just to fill up the air space. She is a very logical person, not one to usually do things on impulse though it may seem like it. She mentally plans every step she is going to take and is sure that she always has at least five different ways out of any situation.

At times she can seem VERY stand-offish due to her silent demeanor and how task oriented she is, but truth be told she is just one giant softy and is extremely loyal to the people she is trying to protect. It is because of this that she tries to keep so many plans at hand because she refuses to give up more lives than have already been lost. She is the type that will sacrifice herself in order to save others, and who knows, if someone took the time to get close enough to her and break through her rough exterior, they may actually get to see her smile.

Equipment / Abilities
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Amaki was named for her element; her parents being historians for the realm knew what their daughter had and thought it was an amazing gift due to how rare it was; it was because of this they named her 'beautiful void'. They had high hopes for their daughter, but it wasn't so much for her talents, but the fact that she seemed to show a huge interest in the history in which they were recording. As a child she would spend her time in her parent's study going over all the documents in there until one day her powers accidentally kicked in and the young girl found the room spinning about her rapidly before being sucked into her eye. Her parents were not upset though, they couldn't be; they were more worried at how their daughter's temperature dropped rapidly with the use of the ability. Her body was ice cold to the touch and with them living in Icemont this was an issue. Reluctantly, the couple packed up their things, apologizing to the people of the area in how they could not continue their studies there. Yet in their preparations, the area was attacked which hastened the family's retreat. Upon fleeing, Amaki's father, a well renowned Sol elementalist stayed behind to fight off the purge from the village in which they were living, he felt it was the least they could do to thank them for their hospitality.

Amaki and her mother fled to Elmmid to avoid further fighting and in hopes that studies could continue as well as aid for her daughter could be found. Upon arrival at Claygrove, Amaki's mother went out in search for help. The young girl didn't know what to do, her powers were under control, at the moment at least. Days went by and her mother finally returned with a metal, alchemist, he called himself who crafted the girl a series of eyes protectants of the magnetic variety to keep her powers at bay. He said that the reverse magnetism would keep the black hole, or any other unwanted attacks to happen as long as the eye was covered.

Years passed just as they had when the family was whole, but it wasn't the same. Amaki continued her studies and found work around the city, mostly in helping the miners, though using her abilities was still very draining even with the continued training. The young woman learned about passed groups and attacks until one night a group of men appeared in her home. It was her mother who fended for her daughter this time telling the girl to run, so she did. To this day Amaki is upset with herself with letting those fates come upon her parents, but she knows there is a reason behind it and wanted to finish what F.E.A.R. had started.


Likes: being outside, helping others, night time, dusk, dawn, fighting for what she believes in
Dislikes: the thought of her powers devouring her, failing at her goal, more loss of innocent lives, the cold oddly enough, not knowing what to do

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