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The Keeper of Keys

Roleplay: "The WTF Multiverse"

Player: WTF RPG Staff

Private,   Enabled,   Approved,   Owned

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The keeper of keys gives keys out to the few locked locations in the WTF Multiverse.

She looks different to everyone, but most people agree she's female (or at least a very pretty guy). She's generally considered young and attractive, but as she often wears hoods, that's hard to say for certain. Especially as two people standing next to each other when she hands out keys may each describe her entirely differently. Her clothing also seems to be different from person to person. Not even everyone agrees they see her as 'human'. Oh my.

Mysterious and typically in a hurry. She rarely answers questions. She seems to expect the other 'citizens' of the Multiverse to do that for her.

Equipment / Abilities
She has a knack for appearing in a room without much warning.

She hands out keys.

She generally wears a hood.

No one has lived in the Multiverse long enough to say more than she was there before them and doesn't seem to actually live anywhere.

Has twice as many stat points as anyone, ever.

Various WTF RPG staff members control this character.