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Dylan Harris

Roleplay: "Clone Warehouse"

Player: Schizophrenic

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An 18 year old "Charming" Siren who plays the role of an arrogant jock.

Like most males born of siren mothers, the majority of his life he has taken after his father physically. He is a tall, clean shaven boy, standing at 6'3'' and weighing a lean 180. Most of the weight he has is all muscle, since he spends a lot of time sculpting his body and takes pride in staying active. He has light blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that is usually kept fairly short and slightly messy.

Even though he has the power to shape shift to match the desired tastes of different cultures/people, he hasn't yet completely mastered the concept and sometimes can only partially change his appearance, resulting in two different eye colors or two toned hair.

The arrogant jock pretty much says it all for the way he acts in the public eye. He has a lot going for him, good looks, athletic and charming, he is great with woman and very popular amongst the other guys in his school. So easily, he has become quite the arrogant and cocky fellow, who isn't used to the word, "No.".

His dependency on the opposite sex has given him the title of "charmer" to all women that know of him, and he doesn't mind the title at all. He loves women, and isn't afraid to express his feelings. And as much of a player as he is seen, he still likes to think of himself as a romantic. His love for attention may be what drives him to work so hard to perform well in his sports team. Dylan does not take too kindly to failure.

Equipment / Abilities
  • Shape-shifter : Gifted with the powers to change his physical appearance, but at this age is only able to change his hair, eye color, skin tone but when he peaks in age and power around his mid twenties he should be able to change body shape as well.
  • Mystifying Song: He chooses not to sing vocally, but rather through a telepathic voice in his head that mixes pleasant harmonies and ballads to lure the hearts of those he seeks. This power is also not at it's peak in his young age so it's success rate is only at 75%. It also does not work on those who actually have genuine feeling for him, and straight men.

His father was a fisherman in the days of his youth, while working on his ship, he did not suffer the usual fate of a Siren serenading him into crashing and sinking his ship, bringing about his untimely death. Instead, he suffered a fate much worse... Dylans mother, came aboard his fathers boat, and made love to him, knowing she would conceive his child. After sending the man away, back to the shores of their home, a baby boy was left in his fishing boat one day wrapped in a blanket of seaweed. The man knew exactly what had happened, and thankfully sought to raise the boy as best he could.

Growing up with a close relationship with his father, he spent many years not showing any signs of being the descendant of a Siren. But over time, it was obvious that he could no longer ignore his blood, and began to show signs of transformation powers. Dylan sought to seek out his mother, but she never came to him and never appeared to him anywhere but his mind, which he could vaguely even see her appearance, he could only hear her sweet voice.

The years of hard labor beside his father, helping him with the business, he grew strong very easily. And constructively used those strengths to succeed and conquer almost any kind of sport his school offered.