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Alexis Trần

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Player: mikimouse

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A thoughtful girl who just likes to help


Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Weight: 110 pounds

Alexis is rather short girl. She has light-ish blue hair that gets a hint if silver when the sun shines down on it. It goes all the way down her back so she tends to tie it up to keep it out of her way. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue that always gives her a thoughtful look.

Alexis is a rather thoughtful girl. She always thinks about others. She is a very outgoing girl and loves to help others. She is a trustworthy person and always try her beat to help out people in need.
Though she does talk often, she has moments where she just zones out and stares into space, it is basically her thinking time. Though it is hard to tell when it will happen.

Equipment / Abilities
Alexis dabbles in various things.
She has had much study as well as experience in the medical field and is licensed in those fields.
She has studied martial arts, so she can defend herself.
She can sew and make clothing.
She can cook very well.

My past is a short one. I was born to a regular family. We weren't really rich or poor, just in the middle. I was raised to always think of others as well as myself. I don't go to school often due to my charity work but when I do, I tend to make up all my missing assignments.
That's about it, not much to it.