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Lan Ngo

Roleplay: "Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)"

Player: mikimouse

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The nurse with the gentle smile


Lan stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches

She weighs around 120 pounds

Lan has long blond hair that runs down her back and stops around her hips. Her eyes are a deep crimson color. She is usually always smiling which makes her face soft and seems to be free from signs of aging. Despite being in her late 30ís, she still looks like a teenage girl.

Lan has a soft and gentle personality. She has a lot of patience and can usually stay calm throughout anything. However, if she snaps, the person who did it will be sorry. She knows a lot about medicine and health care and she can use that to heal or hurt.

Equipment / Abilities
Lan is good at singing. She has a soft and soothing voice that can calm anyone. She also has a talent for healing. She has studied in the medical fields for years and knows almost everything about it. Like how to cure small sicknesses to major injuries. She also knows a lot about plants and what they can be used for.
Lan also has the ability to control dreams of others and get into other people's thoughts.


I had a regular life throughout most of my childhood. I studied hard with the help support from my parents. I was interested in the medical field and my parents were willing to pay any amount of money for me to fulfill my dreams. It was a good life.

I graduated from college with a masterís degree in health. That night some of my friends and I went out to celebrate at a club. We had a few drinks and then the rest was fuzzy.

Later on I found out I was pregnant. I couldnít face my parents at first, but the months passed and they eventually found out. They were very supportive which really shocked me. But I was happy that they were okay with it.

When the child was born, I named her Lily. I wanted to continue school, so my parents often took good care of her. Then I decided to travel around the world to study. I took her with me. During our travels we met up with this little boy. Lily seemed to take a liking to him. When we left, they still kept in contact. It was sad to see them part, in a few months they had become the best of friends.

After a while, I decided to settle down. We moved back to our hometown and began living with my parents again.

My daughter began going to my old school, while I got a job offer at Alota Days High School as a nurse. It was a good offer and it was also near my daughterís school, so I took the job.