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Cassie Bronford

Roleplay: "Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)"

Player: Ursue7

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Was once lost but now found...

She is 5 '3 and has brown hair. She has green eyes and somewhat pale skin. She is quite short and gets angry fast if someone jokes about her height. Much like Ikitasha, her brother. She along with her brother were test experements when trying to put cat reflexs and other characteristics in a human and failed. She has cat ears and can also turn into a cat.

She can be angry at times and nice at times. It all just depends with her mood. She's naturaly nice and helpfull but at times she can be well an #$%hole. Just dont make her mad and your ok.

Equipment / Abilities
She can run faster than Ikitasha, she can turn into a cat. She has cat like reflexes and very good sence of hearing and sight. She not like Ikitasha is a shooter not a swordsmaster. She has won several tournaments for her sharp shooting. She can shoot something no matter how small from a mile away and no matter what she'll hit it. She has also trained with the FBI for 6 months and has mastered the arts of pistols, automatics, and long guns.

Ikitasha my brother was taken from me. We are siblings and both of us were tested on the cat experements and both of us failed. Well sort of. Both of us can turn into cats and have the reflex's, hearing, and smell. As well we both have cat ears. But there was one thing that happened to my brother that didn't happen to me. He lost his memories. His foster parents told him what happened. But when i was 3 and when he was 3 we both were taken to take the tests. We both got out when we were nine. I survived on the streets but he was growing weaker so i took him to a foster home. It broke my heart but it was for his own good. I was taken in by a family called the Bronfords and they gave me my new name. I didn't like it there at first but i grew to like them. I took secret classes for firearms, automatics, and long guns. I also had a friend from the FBI that trained me for 6 months at one of their stations. I have learned much but all of that was about to pay off. I was 13 when i took all that training and now i'm 17. All i need to do now is to run away. And find my brother. Before its too late.

She was a cat named Jack that always is with her and sometimes helps her when she gets into a tricky situation.