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Haden Shadowgate

Roleplay: "Occultia Academy"

Player: Haden

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Cursed Demon/Wizard/1st year


age 16 (20,909,839,487,320 years old)

height: 5'10

weight 210 (muscular)

Hair Color: Black

Haden has Black Wings and curled demons horns on his head. He keeps this form hidden from everyone and chooses to be a small human male. He stands 5'10 and 210lbs. He is of average build despite the muscle he has. His form is usually hidden in his robes, choosing to be nondescript. Hisskin is covered in Tattoo's and scars. His forearms both have black daggers. His back has a dragon tucked neatly into a small sleeping pose.

Haden is Cold and calculating. He thinks of best way to use his environment to get what he needs. He is silent and aloof. He has no problems with killing others and is not afraid of Death. In contrast Haden has a switch. Once the Dragon on his back wakes he becomes Passionate and Hateful. He lets loose any and all Anger built up in him. He is violent and doesn't care if he is harmed in the process. Most like a Berserk rage.

Equipment / Abilities


Prayer Beads

Black Robes

2 small knives

2 katanas




Corrupting flames- Able to summon Black flames to corrupt the purest of souls

Tattoo: The tattoo's on his skin are more then ink. They are his Weapons. Each able to become alive as what he needs. Knives on forarms become real daggers. Dragon on back wakes to unleash his Berserk Rage or to leave his body to become his guardian.

Berserk Rage- All forms of calm leave him and he becomes so violent that he cares not for his own safety as long as his target dies.

He was a priest to a Dark God of Assassins. A most dedicated follower. His hands are scared from centuries of fighting. His Dark God did not bestow long life on him. He aims to take it away. Haden was born to a family inside the church and was a sacrifice to please the god. Little did they know another power watches him. He has aged to 16 and stopped there. Through his life he has been slave, hunter, Criminal, Assassin. His heart has grown dark and cold. None seem to melt him.


Likes: Fighting, Blood, darkness, black magic,
Dislikes: Losing, Boredom

Gets Your Heart Racing: A woman strong enough to best him.
Favorite Subject: Martial arts Based classes
Other: He thinks of himself as broken.