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Sotaria Lyn Monroe

Roleplay: "Occultia Academy"

Player: ascadellia

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Math and P.E Teacher + Oread


Full Name: Sotaria Lyn Monroe
Nickname:  Aria 
Species: Nymph-Oread( Mountain)

Gender:  Female
Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Age:  Unknown. Appears 27

Height:  Five foot nine
Weight:  one hundred and fourty eight pounds
Eye Color:  seagreen
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Personality:  Strict with her students since she wants everyone to be able to pass her class and succeed in the future. When she's not in the classroom, she can be found just outside and strolling around the place. One way to make her spaz and have an A in the class for the day, gummies, even better if they're sour. For some reason, it's one of her weaknesses. 

Equipment / Abilities
Abilities:  Control of earth/rock/soil, amazing strength and a hard diamond-like skin to use as a sort of shield. 

Weaknesses: Fire, sour gummies, elements of surprise. When she uses her shield she can only use it so many times in a day. Meaning, if she goes past that limit it's unable to work. Also gets weaker the more she uses it in that day. 

Weapon(s) of choice:  Herself. She's a good fight considering her abilities. Along with being able to have knowledge of how things could work out, using problem solving skills, causing a chain of events to work a situation in her favor during a fight. She has a knowledge of poisons as well to her advantage.


Likes:  Dancing, gardens, owls, students who are actually interested in the class. Adores sour gummies.
Dislikes: Fire, disruption in her class, mornings. Also lemonade.