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- - - - x Thirty Midnights x - - - -

Nine sons, nine unsuspecting women. They are brought too Dracula's home in Transylvania from all over the world, they are all unaware of what is going on. Literally having been kidnapped from their warm houses and stable lives they must now be chosen by one of the nine of Dracula's son. Be chosen...or be killed.......

Tags: blood, dark, dracula, fantasy, love, moon, vampires

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: xxxaznco0ki3

Created: 08-31-2011, 06:42 PM


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Game World

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The Castle   ( 0 posts )
This is where all players should start off, at Dracula's castle.
Female Quarters   ( 0 posts )
This is where the females stay. There are exactly nine beds, and three bathrooms
Male Quarters   ( 0 posts )
This is where the males stay. Nine beds and three bathrooms.
The Ball Room   ( 0 posts )
The ballroom can hold up too a hundred guests, all females are too start off here
The Dining Room   ( 0 posts )
This dining table can suit up too twenty five people.
The Kitchen   ( 0 posts )
The kitchen, there are dark secrets too be unfolded in here
The Library   ( 0 posts )
A library with thousands and thousands of books in different texts, complete with a fire place.
The Garden   ( 0 posts )
A beautiful garden with loads of exotic flowers and mazes too keep you busy
The Pond   ( 0 posts )
The pond is fairly important too Dracula, this was where he bit a woman for the first time and transformed her into his mate
The town   ( 0 posts )
The town where unsuspecting villagers live
The Inn   ( 0 posts )
Come here too stay if the castle does not suit your taste
The Pub   ( 0 posts )
Come here too have a few drinks and a good time
Places 1 to 12 of 12

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