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Thread: ꧁ 𝕊 𝔼 ℕ 𝕊 8

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    ꧁ 𝕊 𝔼 ℕ 𝕊 8

    Following their most viperous confrontation with the BPO yet, the August 8th cluster celebrates their triumph by embracing their gifts as sensates and welcoming in the New Year with one another, free from the confinement of their corporeal shackles.

    Infuriated by his failure, Whispers retreats, choosing to return to a previous hunt for other sensates as a means to invigorate himself for round two with the August 8th cluster.

    He successfully manages to slaughter half of this new cluster, subsequently triggering a series of unorthodox events, even by the standards of the BPO: his victims' demise unintentionally gave birth to 4 other sensates that were elected into the roles of their predecessors, all born at the exact same date and time as their ephemeral siblings.

    Having thought his job was half done, Whispers returns to the pursuit of the August 8th cluster as a change of pace. Although this mystery cluster is free of Whispers' gaze for the time being, they are tasked with reconnecting psychically with their new siblings and healing the destroyed tethers that once connected them with 4 others.


    Ammon Zarxe

    RACE Egyptian-Persian
    HOME Capetown, South Africa
    LANGUAGE Afrikaans & Zhosa, Arabic, English
    RELIGION Buddhist

    Having been born into a family of politicians, the outside world believed that Ammon would be molded in the likeness of her predecessors - they were sorely mistaken.

    Her father was a corrupt Egyptian democrat who funded his campaigns with dirty money earned from his affiliation with the South African Numbers gangs whereas her mother was a prostitute; Ammon was conceived during one of her father's business trips.

    When her father rose to power, so did the time for him to repay his debt. To compensate, he forced Ammon into indentured servitude in service to the Number gangs. It was there that she was cajoled into prostitution, but her cunning and ruthless nature eventually elected her into a more nefarious role: a revered general of the 28s Number gang.

    Some years later, her mother came to visit. After a moment of reprieve, Ammon vanished and retired to Sri Lanka where her mother introduced her to Buddhism in an attempt to help her escape her violent past. Now, penniless, her father is facing the wrath of his ex-affiliates, and having assumed a new religious outlook on life, Ammon has elected to return and offer aid as a means of closure.

    SKILLS kick-boxing & capoirea, firearms, advanced logic, high pain tolerances

    Donald Churches

    RACE Polynesian
    HOME Auckland, New Zealand
    LANGUAGE English, Maori
    RELIGION none

    As a stereotypical Kiwi, Donald was subjected to rugby and rugby league as a young adult. His parents were simple people, secretly banking on his sports deal to help elevate them out of their financial misfortune, however, Donald fell in love with science instead.

    During his first year of college he discovered his affinity for software development and computer programming. He single handledly edited his school's rugby roster to bench the tormentors that hounded him so that they were removed from the limelight, in addition to a myriad of other invasive technological marvels. Ultimately, Donald was disowned by his parents (although secretly still maintaining a very strong bond with his father) after he unveiled his plans to forfeit his rugby funding in order to switch full time to Computer Science. Although he swore to them his field in computer science would yield more money, they still refused to commiserate with him.

    Now, Donald is working as the head of system's security at a prestigious software firm, and desperately trying to convince his father to reconnect him with his mother, who is dying. Moreover, he's found himself at odds with a hactivist group who have shown immense interest in his skillset, and are particularly aggressive if they're denied.

    SKILLS programming/computer skills, charisma, high physical endurance
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    Nikolai Rossitter

    RACE Romani - Russian
    HOME Moscow, Russia
    LANGUAGE Romanian, Russian, English, sign language
    RELIGION Not religious

    Nikolai was born to two teachers, music and history. When he was born his mother gave up working at school and did private tutoring at him to be with her new son. She taught Nikolai how to play the violin and he took to it like a fish to water. It became apparent he had a problem with reading however, and in school struggled with math. Tutoring and tests helped him through much of the initial struggles. When he was nine his mother gave birth to his younger brother. Shortly after this, when Nikolai was eleven, his parents were killed in a vehicle accident. The police came to retrieve the two boys from the babysitter and it was the last time he saw his brother.

    Bouncing around the foster care system and orphanages around the country he ended up horribly abused. By the time he was seventeen doctors declared him 80% deaf and he was given hearing aids. The teenager had to wait another year to leave the system, but he'd never been happier. To survive on his own he got involved in small crime, theft mostly, but breaking and entering soon entered his skill set, until he was discovered for his true talent. The forgery of documents.

    Doing his new job he has a small apartment he now stays in, and the odd jobs he does pays the bills. Eventually he got caught by police and became more of a collaborator. With a little help he was pushed into a different direction, going on to be a consultant to police departments to break up gangs and other criminal organizations. It led to him becoming a police officer rather late in life. Serving as a junior officer often gives others material to tease him about, but his being a former criminal still haunts his life.

    SKILLS street fighting, knives, basic self defense maneuvers, disarming hostiles, ability to barter, lock picking, pick-pocketing, and the violin.

    Jaxon Tremblay

    RACE Inuit - French
    HOME Quebec, Canada
    LANGUAGE English, French
    RELIGION Catholic

    Jaxon was born to a large family. By the time he was a teenager he had two older siblings, and three younger. He was an outgoing child and his extrovert nature had him exploring his hometown and making friends with everyone. He joined the hockey and track teams in middle and high school, and while not the star athlete he managed a good enough track record to be accepted into college with a sports scholarship. Sadly he didn't end up in his dream job, however, an injury to his knee making it to hard to continue.

    Instead he went to school for his passion, Geology. To him every part of the world was beautiful, and he had seen a lot of it with his college classmates. Any breaks they had were spent around the world to see the marvels it held. Graduating near the top of his class he soon became employed at the Geological Survey of Canada. His job being entirely environmental, keeping track of anything that might, or could potentially, damage Canada's geography.

    His work takes him all over the country and he is glad for the travel. In whatever spare time he has he is active in local volunteer programs, guest speaks at environmental meets, and is genuinely active in Earth conservation projects. He doesn't own a car, preferring the local bus, and visits home as often as he can.

    SKILLS Hockey, running, wrestling, high tolerance to the cold, charming and friendly. Geology
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    Moscow was beautiful at sunrise. The city dark against the blossoming colors the sun painted. Small lights twinkled among the horizon of buildings, street lights and the low sound of traveling vehicles. The light revealed him in sweatpants and a faded, worn t-shirt. The smell of recent rain still lingered in the air, the light breeze felt amazing against his face. His green eyes opening to take in the view, quiet and calm. It reminded him of home in a way. "Yehali na troyke s bubentsami A vdali mel’kali ogon’ki*." Voice uncertain, low, unable to hear himself and letting the rest of the song fade away. Silly, he supposed, to be thinking of his mother right now.

    Giving himself a moment more to stare across the city he pushed away from the railing, stretching as he padded barefoot back into his apartment. Nikolai had not always lived here in Moscow, moving here to get involved in the larger crime ring in the city. It had gotten harder to sleep on the streets, harder to get by, without doing so. Running into the local Syndicate had changed his life in a way he had not quite been ready for, giving him the ability to be more than a street thug and petty thief. Shutting the glass door behind him he ran his fingers through his hair, seeing his hearing aid case nearby but leaving it be for the moment. No need to rush, he wasn't expected at the department for an hour or so.

    Work had been slow since his police department had busted a drug ring in their district. Another huge change in his life had come when he was barely twenty years old. Caught by police he had been given an option. Go to jail, or join the police force and help arrest the Syndicate. It was a choice that had freed his conscience from what he'd been doing. Of course it didn't completely keep the other officers from looking down on him. Though the whisper of 'dirty gypsy' had been brutally squashed by the senior officer in charge of him. There was no tolerance of any sort of slurs in the department and the man was strict on keeping that policy enforced. And for whatever reason he had a soft spot for Nikolai.

    There was time for a quick shower, a small breakfast, and to get into his uniform as he grabbed the bicycle near the door, trotting back to get his hearing aids and pausing, frowning down at the case as he heard sounds. The chatter of people. Lots of them. Startled he looked up, realizing he was not in his apartment and was, in fact, staring across the room at a man who looked equally as surprised to see him. What was that? Shaking his head he turned, only to see his apartment again. How...? Was he seeing things? Uncertainly he put his hearing aids in, hearing the quiet sounds of the city waking up as he shook his head and took his bike downstairs. It was time to get to work.

    [*They were riding in a troika with bells and in the distance there were glimmering lights.]


    Everything was a flurry of motion first thing in the morning. Jaxon had woken up late, eyes red-rimmed, remembering pain, sharing grief, or maybe just expressing his own? For him it didn't matter whose grief it was because it was his as well. The loss of four of their own had been a brutal feeling. The sudden emptiness, being there with them as they died. It had been the worst thing he had ever encountered in his life. With their passing he had put in a leave of absence at work, and had gone about finding his friends, his family, and being there to see them put to rest. No one had even questioned his presence, and his being there had allowed his fellow sensates to be with him, them, when they normally would not have been able to.

    Sniffling and dragging his sorry self out of bed he groaned and stretched a little to get himself awake. Sighing he stood and went to shower hoping the water would break him out of his grogginess. While he was lathering his scalp he frowned faintly, feeling suddenly like he couldn't hear anything but a low hum. As if there was sound, but his ears couldn't pick it up. What was happening? Was he going deaf on top of everything? "Donald?" A quiet inquiry to see if his fellow sensate was experiencing the same problem. But even as he said the others name he realized he could hear and he frowned as he rinsed shampoo out of his hair and leaned back to swipe water out of his face. What was that?

    Not really having time to think more about it he got out of his shower, drying off and changing into respectable clothes. Today was his first day back to work and his job had asked him to do a lecture on geological sciences at a nearby college. Brushing his hair back he tugged on a blue beanie, fixing his mustache just right and trying to force a smile. Oof. Yeah, not doing that again until he felt better. If he could feel better. Brushing through his beard enough to make it look presentable he then trotted out into his living room, making sure his bag was ready before tugging on his shoes and humming a song under his breath before realizing it was Romanian, and not one he even knew. What? None of them knew Romanian that he was aware of.

    Looking up at the clock he groaned out loud and got up, tugging his bag over one shoulder and grabbing his truck keys. With luck he got to the college on time and parked, finding himself at peace as he went inside. Maybe work is just what he needed to get everything off his mind for awhile and heal. Checking in with the front deck he smiled at her and raised a hand in thanks as he trotted to his classroom. Thankfully no one was there yet and he managed to set up his presentation. Modern models of Earth, a huge collection of geological technical gear, samples of rock, ground, and things he found interesting. And as his students filtered into the room he saw, for a brief moment, a man who looked completely confused. No one else saw him, and their eyes met for a moment before he disappeared. "What is going on?" He murmured.
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