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Protectors of Existence

The grand elders of existence created a peace-keeping team tasked to intervene in various incidents across the endless number of alternate universes to keep the fabric of time and existence intact. They are the Protectors of Existence.......

Tags: action, adventure, alternate dimensions, alternate universes, drama, epic, space, team, time-traveling

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: MK Emaster

Created: 10-05-2014, 10:37 PM


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(Graphic Header WIP :3)

      The Grand Elders of all existence sensed a massive disruption in the natural balance and fabric of all existing universes and creation. Every alternate and parallel dimension and universe is in great danger and risk of being wiped out of the book of creation.
Every alternate world would have one single incident that needs intervention, that would otherwise end the the existence of its own world should it go uninterrupted. Seeing the need of an entity to carry out these interventions, the Grand Elders decided to create a band of individuals that would form a team together and travel through the endless alternate worlds and change the unwritten. 

    The team the Grand Elders created were given the name, Protectors of Existence, they are a few bunch of individuals from various worlds, joined together and forced to stick around until the crisis is solved. Traveling one world after the other.


                             This is an intermediate RP, but that doesn't mean I'm restricting access to any eager RPer. Just keep in mind that you have to take this a bit more seriously, and hey, creative. The general rule here is to be fun, and again, creative.
But we all love numbered stuff, so here goes:

1- This is a PG-13 RP, keep the explicit material out please. A few reasonable cusses here and there are allowed, if they be tasteful.
    Just be creative and come up with new swear words that are all-age friendly.

2- Please try and be active, this should be an obvious rule in all RPs, but I wanted to emphasize it, since this will be a TEAM RP, so a
    Fast paced interactive feel is much preferred. 

3- Post length should be reasonable, at least there should be a paragraph or two, make it interesting and engaging. I trust you with this.
    Keep in mind that there are other players as well, so no long posts either.


5- oh yeah, and no god mode, no killing other characters, or game breaking and changing plot changes.

6- You can kill your own character after a few missions (each mission being a single stage or event) but we will come to that later.

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