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This isn't the kind of career you interview for.......

Tags: action, crime, supernatural

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Created: 09-16-2014, 12:08 AM


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Thread: REWIND : TAKE 2

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    It was later in the afternoon, approximately two hours after, when the agents regrouped in a small, slightly out-of-the-way cafe. The place was tiny and cramped and served watery coffee. The restroom was perpetually out-of-order and the lone waitress was about as attentive as a sack of potatoes. She had barely acknowledged the agents when they arrived, much less stopped to take their orders.

    Still, the HK unit had always frequented this location.

    Huddled around a rickety table, the group went over what they knew, which was very little and not very useful. There were considerations for casing out the crime lab—if they could gain access, this could be a wrap-up job. Of course, if they were caught, they could sit in jail for forever. The agency, which wasn't willing to pay dental, was about as likely to post bail as Hell freezing over tomorrow. And then there were mentions of the antique shop; the managing Death God had made some offhanded comments about paying the owner a visit. Of course, leads coming from the higher ups had their problems: they tended to be misleadingly simple. Chances were, the antique shop wasn't a simple antique shop.

    Either way, the group decided to split up. Some will go to the antique store and, hopefully, not die a second time. And the rest will do, well, what investigators do: investigate.

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    She tried not to scream too much but they had decided that she was the logical choice to send with Evan to the antique shop. She could touch the items and see if there was any connection to the case -- or even future or past cases. That and Amy wanted nothing to do with Kora who just up and left her in the alley. WHOOPS! Another bridge burned. Eh, it was just Amy. No big deal.

    "Hopefully we shouldn't take too long. If I pick up anything at the shop, we'll go to the location of said item. Let's keep our phones handy as we don't need another alleyway incident." Turning to Leland, she smiled. "Don't worry, I'll be careful."

    Getting up, she made it to the door and was already outside before Evan even slid his chair back. Rapping on the window, she glared at her handsome-yet-slow partner. "Oy-oy, let's not wait until the next year to move. Get yer fine ass in gear and let's go look at smelly old stuff."

    Lazy me is being lazy. We can just skip to the store. I don't think they have much to talk about during the walk. They've had plenty of flirt time ;D

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