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Thread: Recent Bot Issue and Banned Accounts

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    Recent Bot Issue and Banned Accounts

    Recently, WTFRPG has experiences a huge influx of bots on the site. The staff of WTF have been working to combat the issue. However, in the staffs attempts to ban bot accounts some legitimate users may have been caught in the fray.

    The staff ask now that all users with zero posts (or fewer than 5) to please make an effort to get 5 or more posts out on the forum. This will help the staff in distinguishing users from lingering bot accounts.

    In addition staff ask that friends of banned users take the time to post here if their friends accounts have been affected. Please provide the affected accounts username so staff can lift any ban placed on the accounts.

    The staff thank all users for the time and efforts in helping us through this by reporting bot spam.

    Alternate Contacts

    Moderator Strude
    charlesrileytucker (skype)
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    Please do not send this account PMs/etc. It is not monitored daily by staff and does not accept PMs/etc.

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