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⊰ empire of the sun⋮⋮

The sun god Garuda has vanished leaving Gossamer on the precipice of religious war. Eternal darkness threatens the indigenous, heralded by a cult that has adopted Tasu'um, the Eater of Tides and Eclipse Bringer as their divine. Time is waning and the Gossamerians must choose between war with their brothers or quelling the evil that threatens to plunge their home, the Empire of the Sun, into the void.......

Tags: adventure, epic fantasy, fantasy, medieval fantasy

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Advanced

New Players: Closed

Creator: balam acab

Created: 02-26-2013, 05:29 PM


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CHAPTER ONE: The Moot   ( 0 posts )
Word of the Doomsayer's treachery has reached beyond the Maelstrom's pull and has found the ears of the Palan triumvirate. After congregating, the triumvirate concluded that it is within the Soul's jurisdiction to quell the Doomsayer's influence.
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