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Castle Märchen - Fairytales for Adults

Welcome to a world of fairytales. Sometimes delightful, with adventurous tales of love everlasting and heroics. Other times dark and tragic, with stories of love lost and twisted fates. In this world lays Märchenland - and the castle and lord that many seek but not all find.......

Tags: adventure, fairytales, fantasy, magic, magic kingdoms, romance, royalty, tragedy

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Spring-heeled Jack

Created: 06-17-2011, 08:41 AM


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Game World

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Märchenland   ( 0 posts )
All of Märchenland, to include the salt marshes, Sweet Sea, forests, mountains; etc. If it doesn't take place in the castle itself, it happens here.
Märchen Castle   ( 19 posts )
The imposing castle and everything within its grounds.
Castle Public Areas   ( 0 posts )
Halls, sitting rooms, ballrooms, etc.
Dungeons   ( 0 posts )
Guests and servants facing punishment may be put in a dungeon cell until another inhabitant of the castle releases them.
Märchen Town   ( 0 posts )
As you make your way up to the castlegrounds, you pass through Märchen Town with its well-lit streets but eerily empty buildings. A series of shops are here.
Quartz and Garnet Wings   ( 3 posts )
Gentlemen have their suites in the Quartz Wing. Ladies have their suites in the Garnet Wing. Suites consist of a sitting room which leads to the bathroom and bedroom.
Servants Quarters   ( 0 posts )
Nested out of the way on castle grounds. The first floor has public rooms, second floor for men, and third floor for women.
The Gardens   ( 14 posts )
Found in the center of the castle, surrounded by stone walkways, they rightly should be tiny - but there seems to be room for people to get lost in.
Thatch Garden   ( 0 posts )
Only those with fae blood find their way here. Little bungalows for the little fae are hidden among the greenery.
The Labyrinth - Locked   ( 0 posts )
Visitors to Märchenland may find themselves cast into the Labyrinth if Lord Märchen is sufficiently annoyed. He also sends people on quests here.
You don't have a key for this place.
The Sepulchre - Locked Parent "The Labyrinth"   ( 0 posts )
Deep beneath the Labyrinth, visitors to this magical world sometimes are encased in ice. A quester may awaken them, if they make it this far. But they may only choose one.
Places 1 to 11 of 11

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