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    Hey, Marsyas. Just checking if you were still interested or would prefer something else. Hope to talk to you later, but, if not, happy hunting.
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    HELLO!!! I missed you. I haven't rped in a long time but IM back!! How are you?!
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    Made a character driven domestic gangster roleplay if you wanna join.

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    come on gmail
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    Where have u been?
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    Bah! You haven't posted :<
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    Yeah, sorry, just havent had time to make my character. High school, yknow?
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    yeah it is. u cant msg me? :/
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    I posted. Get on gmail so i can talk to u xP
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    Adult, yes.
    Could you make it when you havr time? Im very busy at the moment but when im home ill be more.active
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    A private rp between Divine Seduction and Myself. No one else needed. Sorries!
    Private RP
    Private RP
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    A soulless existence is upon us.
    Of Gods and Men - Adult
    A private rp between Divine Seduction and myself. Shoo! Shoo! Stay away!
    A private rp. Sorry, no one else wanted.
    Private RP between Mars and Oasis
    Private RP
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