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Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Marsyas

Rating: General   Genre: Fantasy, Fan-based, Other  

My strength alone is enough. . .



Birth Name: Ariese Samiel Cross
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Physical Attributes:

Bronze Complexion
Bright Hazel Eyes
Black Hair, mid-back (shoulder-blade) length.

Independent. Though not necessarily a loner, Ariese relies only on his own strength (for personal reasons), though that's not to say that he's opposed to help when he knows it's wiser. He's got a hardened heart from hardships he's suffered in real life, which in turn makes him come off as ruthless at times. Quite the dangerous man when he's being moody.

Ariese is also quite the strategic thinker (enjoying the opportunity to use people) but sometimes acts off of impulse rather than logic. He is always looking for opportunities which is why he sells his services as a mercenary from time to time. And he's not against assassin work either.

Despite the hard exterior there is some humanity within his tough, heartless shell. He is easy to talk to and get along with, and oftentimes people warm up to him quickly if they try to get to know him. Though he has a bit of a temperament issue at times. Thankfully, it takes a bit to unsettle him normally.

He attacked the game as a solo player making a few acquaintances here and there so long as it would benefit him in the long run. Has been known to assault and  or kill other players in instances. Some out of self defense and others not so much, though his reasons are shrouded in mystery. He has also been known to help players out when the odds were against them. Nobody knows what he's thinking and his actions seem to be illogical mostly. He has become somewhat of a legend with all the rumors warming around about him.

Not extremely well liked or disliked within the game but, all respect him for his skill at least. Those that have had the pleasure to get to know him, would go to war with him a million times over.

Equipment / Abilities
  • Ascalon (A blade said to have come down from the heavens to reap divine judgement upon its foes; Illusion type move-set; lightweight; Curved Sword)
  • Mirage & Haze (A pair of blades that are rumored to have been born from the moon and its reflection; Illusion type move-set; lightweight; Katana)
  • Lightweight Armor (reduced weight to increase speed & evasion rates)
  • Cloak (increases defense & evasion rates)
  • Rations (food and water)
  • Standard Potions (Health, Mana, Status)
  • Crystals (Teleportation)

Unique Abilities (Crowe Only)

  • Moon Child (all stats go up 5% at night)
  • Bloodlust (strength, speed, and evasion rise 25% when HP reaches 15% or less)

Special Techniques

  • Phantom Slash (a high speed slashing technique in which the blade completely disappears from sight) (Initially unlocked)
  • Touch of Death (a counter or preemptive strike)
  • Black Mist (an AOE attack causing blindness; player plunges the sword into the earth and releases a black mist over a wide area)
  • Eclipse (Ultimate Technique; a furious barrage of high speed slashes) (Dual Blade Only)


Non Combat:

  • Sales Negotiation


  • Detection
  • Ghost
  • Hiding
  • Night Vision
  • Sprint
  • Acrobatics

Combat Skills:

  • Parry
  • Battle Healing

Weapons Skills:

  • Katana
  • Curved Sword
  • Dual Blades

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