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    are u going to post any more? =/ when do u think youll b busy less? youre not even really on to talk anymore, and i could rly use someone to talk to
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    same very busy! but over all good! whats new?
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    Hey How are ya? Its been so long!!
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    Sounds like a plan to me! Have you anything in mind you're looking to roleplay?
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    *flops on page* Sorry about vanishing. Life got crazy. It's still crazy. But I'm back and I just wanted to apologize for poofing
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    sorry for such a late reply. life has been like a rollercoaster last few weeks. i will get a post up today. this tot slipped my mind lol...txt me nxt time!
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    its spectacular XD. Also started another new job. long story. other one fell thru :/
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    lol no worries it happens. fallout4 came out today so...yah. will post asap x.x
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    bites again!
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About rumxcoke

Basic Information

Date of Birth
March 8, 1992 (32)
About rumxcoke
I am pretty relaxed, flexible. I am not here to fight, but I'm not going to get stepped on either. Reasonable is what I would say. I like to collaborate and find common ground if I can. When something isn't working out, I tend to find loop holes to make things work. Otherwise, I guess I end up 'agreeing to disagree', to end on a friendly note. Not everyone sees eye to eye, so it's understandable if I happen to start an RP with someone who isn't on the same page as I am. No grudge, just write.

o- I don't do lemons. (I used to, but not anymore) I am alright with writing violent scenes as long as they don't go on forever, and as long as both Characters are presented as they should be. Cussing is fine, as long as it's not excessive.

o- I am only comfortable with FxM romance.

o- My thing is, if a Character would react/choose to do something in a certain way, then go for it. If you are unsure if you can do something, then send me a message on PM or my Profile. I'll respond as soon as I can.

o- Overpowered Characters are fun for you, but not for the person who is struggling to make sure their Character isn't blown off the face of existence, because they are walking on egg-shells trying not to upset your all-mighty Character. So, go for high if you want, but don't be surprised if there are issues.(Especially if two people end up both having Characters like that to play off each other. All that worry about who can kick who's ass, or if one Character would truly be able to kill another. Determination not to powerplay is quite helpful as well as negotiation and compensation.)

Time Posting:
Because of my work I am pretty free. Then, I go into Night-Owl mode, but I normally sign off before 12:00 am.

Grammar/Writing Style:

o- My abilities in this area can vary. I was never good at describing things the way I want to, how I want to. But I do my best to make my posts readable and cleaned up. My hope is that I will improve even more now that I am on this site.

o- I tend to mix up 'Form' and 'From'. This is infuriating for me, since I realized this sort of recently, and now I know there are posts out there that have this discrepancy.

o- Miss-spelled words can occur, as it is, I am only human. Don't fret if you do the same.

o- I do not like writing in the First-Person. I do the 'Third-Person' style. I use 'He/she' not 'I/Me'.

o- I am humbled by the extensive vocabulary and well crafted prose of my RP friends.

Time RPing: About since I signed up here. So, November 28th of 2012. But I have been writing stories since grade school.

Average Post Length: Meh, I have done one liners when I don't have much to react to. On average I'd say a paragraph.
Net surfing, movies, writing, art, reading, singing.



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