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    I think I came up with something. I'll send you want I want for the character sometime tomorrow, and maybe you can put it in my character's profile for me. Is that okay with you?
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    Can you do me a favor? Can you please delete my character from Heart Chains? I'm gonna try and remake her. Please and Thank you.
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    I think WTFRPG is glitching because everytime I write some stuff in for my character description and what not, I would save it and check on it to see nothing in those boxes. I'll get it done tomorrow.
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    HEy wassup
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    No problem, you earned it! <3
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    You better not vanish on me again <3
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    Imma suppa stalker.
    And I cannot wait to read the history! I know it'll be shaweet!
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    Olivia Wilde is one of my favorite actresses! (I'm assuming she's the character)
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    My life is complete now that you're back in it <3
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    I say... ABOUT DAMN TIME <3
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Basic Information

My name is Meghan. I'm 18 years and I'm an aspiring voice actor. I've been writing for close to seven years now and I love it. I'm easy enough to get along with, however, I tend to have a very professional air when first talked to about role playing. Once I warm up to you I'll show more of who I am.
As for Role Playing. I tend to find myself in mostly Fantasy RPs and Slices of Life. I don't like overly exaggerated role plays, such as teen pregnancies and abuse unless the plot is well written and has room for development. I will gladly take a fantasy RP, though.
I suppose that's all you need to know about me for now.
A land full of wonders and over bearing elders.
Roleplaying, Writing, drawing, video games(x-box, Game cube, Nintendo.), voice acting, and theater
An aid to all who can get things done.



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    :: What would you do if your future was in the hands of the Government ::
    The original version has died down, but its time to start anew. Some of the previous cast will be back and new characters will arrive. A sim-date style romance story where a group of five friends(girls) enter High School. As part of an international High School in Japan, they don't know what kind of guy they'll meet. Of course there will be extras to make things move along. . . If you know what I mean.
    Have you ever wondered how those Disney characters live 'Happily Ever After'? They had to work just as hard to get where they are now. And perhaps we don't fight dragons or sing on a daily basis... But we all have to fight for our Happily Ever After.
    Welcome to RosenHill Academy! A Middle school to Highschool based role play where the characters go to school for their special talents. Be it Sports, Music, Theater, Culinary, ect...

    :: THE FIERCE ::   (parked in character pool)
    ~ As it turns out, as an adult I can have a very unpleasant, fierce and unforgiving temper at times. ~
    Boomer   (parked in character pool)
    Need a hand with that machine? No? Can I blow it up then?
    Emry Garson   (parked in character pool)
    Room #12 .::. Popular journalist of the Times Herald Record sent to write a story on the Island.
    Faye Marie Hill   (played in We all want to be Extraordinary...)
    Faye Hill | 18 | Senior | Actress
    Jaymie "Jay" Manes   (played in ♥ Heart Chains ♥)
    Jaymie Manes - Bare Neck - Rebellion
    Megara Creon   (parked in character pool)
    I hunt Myths. What? You don't believe me?
    Rebecca Rose Salazar   (played in The New Fujisaki)
    "Who's ready to have a good time, huh!?"
    The Narrator - Nicolas Walt   (played in We all want to be Extraordinary...)
    The Headmaster - Narrator