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    omg i hello i dont remember you friend but i would love to know how your life has been!
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    I don't know if you're still on this website but I decided to join your RP. Are we using real life FCs or animated ones?
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    Hey! Good to see that there are still people here. I'm stretched a bit thin but I will be sure to check out your RP and let you know if I end up joining!
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    hey kylee made a rp called fantasy quest if your interested its pretty interesting we sort of got a story going on.
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    Hey I was wandering if you still wanted to the RP?
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    That's totally fine! I wonder why it's not working for you! >:T
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    You got it! It's been deleted! I look forward to seeing your full character!
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    How rude of WTF! >:T

    It's no problem! Take as long as you need, I'm not sure how fast the RP is going to gain players, anyway. :>
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    Are we still doing the rp?
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    If you wish to roleplay, that I can do ^_^ I have one I will be in shortly, but I'm certain I can handle more.
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    :: What would you do if your future was in the hands of the Government ::
    This is a story between characters made by me and ichigo usagi. This story is centered on the love life between the shy and genetically-enhanced Modoka and the multi-persona and murderous Akulen. Both seemingly normal High School kids turn their fates of themselves and others as their feeling for one another grew stronger.
    Roleplay between vickiazn and ichigo usagi only!
    Based on the island of Hirta, a school teaches children to harness their powers. The powers of the elements.
    Welcome to Colville Private Academy, where only the most elite or most talented from around the world are allowed to walk the halls. If you've received this invitation to join The Colville Academy Host Club, then congratulations, you're desirable asset to even those who have it all.
    These are but a few stories in the desert world of Amara, and in time, when their final pages have turned, they will be buried in the sand and it would be as though they never happened at all.
    A grid-based team vs team action RP featuring a leveling system, a strong PvP focus and a fair but simple system that incorporates tactics, planning and a minor degree of luck. This detailed online RP with a tabletop feel will take full advantage of every and all aspects of WTFRPG to bring you the most enjoyable experience possible.
    The Order of the Centered Mind has stood for years as a beacon of hope for some and an outlet of anger and frustration for others. What could be called as an exclusive club of scholars and warriors the members of the order are trained for years. However, unbeknownst to the public, the newest head of the order is engaging in the day to day affairs of the world more and more directly. External strife and suffering raises the question, is this their problem or is their only concern the betterment of their secret society. Internal turmoil is bringing this organization to the brink of a native struggle.
    This is a collection of some of our favorite animes that we intend to do fanfics on. . . ^~^
    1X1 Between TrysTon-Chan and vickiazn!!!
    Strange ruins have been found all over the world and from them strange creatures have started appear.
    You usually wouldn't expect much from teenagers, but now, you should. Cause right now, they are the only thing that can help the Japanese Government and even the world at this rate. Based off of the manga, Bloody Monday, a story of seemingly ordinary kids, who get themselves caught in a mess. A rag tag group of teens consisting of Archers, Combat Specialists, Thugs, Genius Prodigies, and the all important Hacker band together to help the Third-Eye(Japan's best National Security) catch the suspect.
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    Adam Kaede   (played in Personal Character Pool)
    . . . Oops, I'm not really sure how to start off a conversation.
    Adam Kaede   (played in Colville Academy Host Club)
    . . . Oops, I'm not really sure how to start off a conversation.
    Alex "Axel" Spinner   (played in Vicxscar)
    A government agent with a (slight) temper
    Amanda Summers   (played in Colville Academy Host Club)
    What? Who designed THAT outfit!?
    Amanda Summers   (played in Personal Character Pool)
    What? Who designed THAT outfit!?
    Brea "Titania" Saru   (played in Mystic)
    "I don't need you. . . but I need your strength." (Bonded by a Fairy's Contract)
    Captain Reed Trent   (played in The Island of the Cursed)
    "She is the key."
    Junin Riza The Dweller God   (played in The Lost Cause (Under Construction))
    He is the God of the Dwellers.
    Kai Sawada   (played in Born of the Elements)
    No flash photography. . . PLEASE!
    Karin Nightingale   (played in Hell Games)
    Its the prettiest at night
    Karin Sawada   (played in Born of the Elements)
    It's too dark in here! Turn up the lights!
    Krin Jun   (played in Hiding in the darkness)
    ". . . Don't stare."
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