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Thread: Been a couple of years...

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    Been a couple of years...

    I realize that most people that are around now probably doesn't know whom I am. Well hi. I go by Alex but you can also call me by my username on here. I'm a guy (probably a big surprise) that enjoys roleplaying. Well. I haven't been here in, what 3 years or so? Maybe 4. But I'm alive. Just been putting my time into other things (like getting a degree), other sites etc. I come around here every now and then to check in tho. I used to run a game on here but yeah, I don't think I'll ever go back to running that again. Even though I have been practicing how to run a game (playing and GM'ing Pathfinder irl)... My art skills are still... mediocre though. But anyway, I just wanted to come by and say hi again. If I find the energy, I might even construct a new game. Hopefully one with some focus and plot rather than what was supposed to be a free-roaming experience. I could use some work on that I imagine. Got a bunch of characters running around in my head tho.
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