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Thread: cute fish seeks 1x1

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    cute fish seeks 1x1

    samples (off-site link)
    24. they/them. not straight. mentally ill & disabled.
    i've been at this for 15+ yrs and i take no fucking shit.
    socializing is not my strong suit, so i won't be giving out ims

    i'm pretty open and i'll usually give you a chance. if i say no, it's for a reason.
    going back to school after 2 years. i'm stressed out. i'm slow. if i'm too slow for you, then just ditch me.
    ~200 words and under. any tense any person. any gender/orientation. if you want me to play a specific gender, just say so and i will. mirroring is useless and literacy levels are made up.
    if you're in high school tell me. i'll still rp with you, but i have to be responsible.

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    opposites attract (good x bad, shy x stereotypical badass, questioning x out)
    mundane slice of life. feed that shit to my fat kitty face.
    bromance to romance.
    disability. could be physical or developmental. i have some of both so i trust myself to do this respectfully.
    arranged marriages.
    surrealism/gothic aesthetic/horror + a healthy dose of humour.
    humour in general is good.
    give ur ideas/plots/cravings/starters 2 my eye balls. insert peg a into hole b.
    plots if thats how u do. (off-site link)

    i would like to play james t. kirk. pretty much anyone is fine opposite him.
    let me play tim drake or jason todd.
    marvel: james rhodes. natalia romanova. peter parker. steve rogers. tony stark. x-men ocs.
    sense8-based w/ ocs
    you can ask about others.

    do not pass go
    drug abuse
    weird objectification of minorities (cis crossdressers and gendbend fall under this category)
    any romanceable character under 18. ever.

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    High on my Pedestal...It's wobbly.
    *dipping toe into the water*
    I don't mind trying. Give me a heads-up, if you are around and would like to RP with me.
    "Ew. Did you check to see what date this raw milk expires?"
    "Yeah, what happened?"
    "I found a curd."
    "Did you shake it?"
    "It's the cream. The fat floats to the top."
    "Oh, I just thought it was Bridgid's backwash the first couple of times."
    "Wait, why didn't you say 'ew' when you thought that?"

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    I threw in the towel for a while, I just recently came back. I'm looking for an rp partner, would you like to spin some ideas?

    Please, don't let me get bored or this might actually happen.

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