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Thread: Hello Everyone

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    Hello Everyone

    Figured that the best thing to do after registering was to say hi. It has been several years since I did any sort of serious or consistent writing, so I am hoping to change that and meet some new folks to create with. From what I've seen so far, the site looks very well put together and I'm eager to get started. Am currently looking through the guides and tips section and will try to be as friendly as I can when I see people online.

    Thank you in advance for saying hi back.

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    Welcome to WTFRPG
    "Ew. Did you check to see what date this raw milk expires?"
    "Yeah, what happened?"
    "I found a curd."
    "Did you shake it?"
    "It's the cream. The fat floats to the top."
    "Oh, I just thought it was Bridgid's backwash the first couple of times."
    "Wait, why didn't you say 'ew' when you thought that?"

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