Hello viewers!
I'm in need of a goo ol' apocalyptic roleplay. I know, I know. That stories been done before, what could I possibly do to revamp it and make it something worth while for you to join? Well therein lies the answer. Whatever suggestions you have I'm open to, so if you don't see something you like mentioned below just nag me about it and I'll see if it can be added in.

Now that I'm rambling I should probably get to the important information, right? Alright then.

What you thought you knew about Earth was all just a lie. Beneath it lay a secret. Something forbidden to the public's ear, and yet it is now the reason for all the destruction that has taken our land. It is the reason those who survived are starving and without shelter. It is the reason our wondrous world looks as though it were an uninhabited planet. It is the reason for our sorrow. The problem is, we don't know what it is yet. We don't know why we're still alive and not rotting somewhere like our loved ones are. But we are still strong, even through all the unknowns. Will you chance the danger that awaits you in the journey ahead? Or will you selfishly stay stagnant and hinder your survival? It's all your choice, but I'd make it quick, before it finds you.