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Thread: α v ε m /}{\ c α ε l ι [[Steampunk RP]] [goldfish3d & rascal07reardon]

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    Post α v ε m /}{\ c α ε l ι [[Steampunk RP]] [goldfish3d & rascal07reardon]

    αvεm cαεlι


    Dearest Father,

    By the time you have gotten this letter, I will most likely be quite far away from home. My actions are not against you, but rather my own desire for adventure. Here, on this airship, I finally feel like I belong in the world. I will write to you often and send you gifts from distant lands like Rocktow, Nippon, or the Orient. I will come back to visit some day but until then, pray for my safety.


    The crew of the Avem Caeli has just been offered a job by the infamous Zebulon Preston in exchange for significant funds and some much-needed parts for the ship, but their last encounter with the man in the floating fortress ended in chaos that nearly destroyed their ship.


    Name: Djani Barnowl Lawlor [JAN-i]
    Job: Pilot and Navigator
    Roleplayer: goldfish3d
    Gender: Cis Male
    Age: 23
    Height: 6"4
    Orientations: ---
    Heritage: white father, [universe's equivalent of vaguely middle-eastern] mother
    Appearance: Olive-tan-skinned, brown-eyed, with thick brown hair down to the nape of his neck. His eyes are very slightly almond shaped, and his nose has a bit of a hook to it. He's irrationally skinny, even though he can eat his body weight in pretty much anything and still ask for more.
    Personality: Bubbly and excitable, he's always talking, waving his hands around and bumping into things. He can't keep secrets for his life, but he /can/ keep relationships- he has a habit of bonding to people in very short periods of time. He's a little obnoxious, but good at heart.
    Bio: ---

    Name: William
    Job: Doctor
    Roleplayer: goldfish3d
    Gender: Male
    Age: A few months
    Height: 5"11
    Orientations: ---
    Heritage: Robot/Synthetic
    Appearance: Made primarily of copper and brass, he has a brown shine to his plating. He has a single set of arms where a human would have them with another set halfway down his torso. He has two blue optics, a mostly-prehensile mouth and a purely decorative nose structure. His power core is on his belly just above his hips, with a clear, easily-removed glass panel covering his self-sustaining power source surrounded by the gears and cogs that make up his internal systems. He can walk like a normal human, but has retractable wheels in the soles of his feet for emergencies.
    Personality: He's absurdly shy. He tends to follow Adam around, regarding him as his father figure and a protector. While he has the vocoder to talk with, he prefers to stay nearly silent at all times. His emotions are relatively unstable- Adam isn't the greatest programmer by anyone's standards- and he's victim to frequent overloads and periods of distress. Despite this, he's upbeat and suffers from a remarkably sunny disposition and, if he's comfortable with you, will actively converse and chatter and keep you company.
    Bio: He was Adam Coult's creation; a clockwork synthetic human who ended up being a little more emotional and clingy than Adam had intended, but was undeniably loveable. He picked his name himself- after weeks of being called "kid" or "doc" or all manner of nicknames, he came across the name in the newspaper and decided it fit him, and he's been William ever since.

    Name: James Benton
    Job: First Mate/Quartermaster
    Roleplayer: goldfish3d
    Gender: Cis Male
    Age: 32
    Height: 6"2
    Orientations: ---
    Heritage: Caucasian
    Appearance:Tall and muscular, he is easily the most physically intimidating members of the crew. He keeps his long brown hair in a ponytail, tied off at the nape of his neck with a black ribbon. His face seems to sport a constant stubble, divided only by the sharp scar that trails from his left ear across his chin. The only thing about his appearance that betrays his nature is his soft blue eyes, old beyond his years and a kind juxtaposition to the harshness of his features.
    Personality: Tall and quiet, he rarely speaks unless he has something important to say- and nearly always, those words are to the captain. He is naturally distrustful, but once you've earned his trust and respect, he will stand behind you and defend you to his last breath. He's remarkably gentle, though not too fond of physical contact (although he does like to keep a hand on the captain's shoulder).
    Bio: Born and raised in abject poverty, his father was a miner in the outer-city slums of Arma City, and by the time James was fourteen, had died of consumption. James started working not long after, doing odd jobs with his three older brothers while his little sister and his mother cared for the house at home. He did all he could for her, and promised when he left Arma he'd come back for her. He doesn't know where she is now.
    He met the captain in a shipyard five years ago after she had put up ads calling for a crew, and has been flying on the Avem Caeli since.

    Name: Adam Claude Coult
    Job: Mechanic/Gunslinger/Tinkerer
    Roleplayer: rascal07reardon
    Gender: Cis Male
    Age: 26
    Height: 6"1
    Orientations: Bi but male preference.
    Heritage: Caucasian/asian. White mother, half-asian father.
    Appearance: Pale olive skin, green eyes, and messy black hair. He has relatively diminutive sideburns along his cheeks. He's built like a brick wall.
    Clothes: Loose fittting shirt, overalls, dark green cap, bandana around neck, boots, arm glove on left arm that holds his watch, wrenches, and a pressure meter, goggles on cap which has magnifing glasses, a small
    Personality: He is talkative when he wants to be but other wise is solem. He has a well kept temper but will snap if something is agrivating him. He is convinced his son's solitude came from him and keeps a spare clock key in his side pouch incase Will breaks down intirely or his power fails. He is quick to make friends but opposes those who are buff or snotty. If people he knows are threatened he will fight to protect them. Hates corrupt authority. Speaks with a relatively heavy Irish brogue.
    Bio: Originaly from Lamplight, his family moved to Grovesgear, an industrial town, where he found his love for mechanics and tinkering. He joined the Ashton Royal AirNavy at age 18 and stayed until he was discharged when he was 21 for disobeying captain's orders to keep the oppresive line instead of the defensive on the ship. He got a job at a clock maker's shop and in his spare time created his robotic son William. When the Avem Caeli docked in Grovesgear, he was hired to do repair work and was then offered a job with the Avem Caeli's crew.

    Name: Emily Abigale Clay
    Job: Captain
    Roleplayer: rascal07reardon
    Gender: Cis Female
    Age: 30
    Height: 5"7
    Heritage: Caucasian Anglo-saxon.
    Appearance: Slender features, soft but sharp face. Blonde hair in a bun. Blue eyes. Left arm is copper clockwork.
    Clothes: A blue captain's jacket with gold trim. Black pants and dark brown boots. Wears white gloves. War pins of jacket. Stopwatch in her jacket pocket.
    Personality: A friendy but orderly woman, She is intelligent and is great at keeping relations with the companies the crew works for. Uptight and Stoic, she can keep her cool in times of crisis but relies heavly on her first mate.
    Bio: Born in Woodworm, she recived tutoring then attended collage at the Ashton Institute for the Elite with her father's great wealth. She joined the AirNavy at age 24 then left several years later after her parents and fiance were killed in a Rocktow military air raid. She bought an airship to do jobs since she loved flying but dissagreed with the Royal AirNavy's way of commanding. She harbors a burning hatred against Rocktow and desperately wants revenge.

    Name: Annabelle Jane Carpenter
    Job: Writer, doccuments the crew's adventures
    Roleplayer: rascal07reardon
    Gender: Cis Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5"4
    Orientations: Bi male preference
    Heritage: Caucasian Anglo-saxon
    Appearance: Short brown hair, brown eyes, small soft face.
    Clothes: Purple high-collared long-sleeve pleated dress, matching wide brim sun-hat.
    Personality: She is a bubbly person but is very weary when meeting new people. She is always worrying about her family and how they will take her absence from their home. She otherwise is friendly and talkative. and is sometimes shy if not nervous.
    Bio: Born in Lumberville, she is the daughter of the Jos Carpenter, the lumber business tycoon of Ashton. Growing up in wealth never allowed her the chance to live among the lower classes. She is an aspiring writer and is currently on a trip back home after visiting family in Newburyport. Deciding she like adventure rather than wealth, she now travels with the Avem Caeli crew and documents their travels, hoping it will make a good book.

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