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Thread: Competitive Dating Sim, anyone?

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    Competitive Dating Sim, anyone?

    I'm seeking an handful of people to play in a Valentine Day-themed roleplay with a Dating Sim flavor. In this, you will each be vying for the affection of a sole NPC, starting from Freshmen trying to find their place in the elite Sakuya Academy to seniors trying to find true love before the graduation ball. The Love Interest, or LI for short, will be Kobayashi Kaede, a young idol that just erolled in the academy as your classmate.

    Will you uncover the mystery that is the popular but unpredictable boy of your dreams? Or will you find love elsewhere?

    Separated in one event per in game week, you will have plenty to do and learn if you don't want to endup Loveless by the end of your studies!

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    I know it's past Valentine's Day, but I would definitely be interested in trying it out o:

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