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Thread: A brief message

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    A brief message

    As many of you know, I have not been around for about a year. I got an email from Xav asking me to come back, so I thought I should give an explanation as to my absence. There are three main reasons:

    1. I have a two year old.
    2. There was a major RIF (reduction in force...work reorganization etc) at my work and I had a holy crap ton of work dumped onto me when my boss was fired and I was put in charge of all projects and project management at work.
    3. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of the year.

    Before everyone freaks out on number 3 there, I want you all to know I am doing fine. I completed my chemotherapy at the end of August, had my double mastectomy and hysterectomy in September, have spent the month going through various procedures for reconstruction and I will have my final reconstruction surgery in November. I am officially cancer free now and doing very well.

    At work, I have been promoted and I am in charge of my own department. This means that I have my own employees and my work load will lighten up soon.

    I still have a two year old. And he is still awesome. A handful, but pure awesome.

    I want to come back. I love roleplay and miss you guys. Life in insane, but it is calming down and not an every day struggle. (Chemo really takes it out of you even without having a toddler running around.) I will see how things treat me in the next few weeks. I don't want to show up and then disappear again because that is a crappy thing to do.

    Also, before I lost my hair, I totally gave myself a green mohawk. Because why not?


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    Well, if there is one word to describe you it would be a survivor. When life gave you lemons, you certainly made the best of them and perseved through it all. If I ever need a bit of inspiration, I'll make sure to look you up

    Glad to hear you're doing much better and that the treatments are working. And congrats on the promotion! That's super exciting. Hopefully it's fun and provides more than enough for you and the little guy (I'm assuming he's still mad adorable -- do you still make stuff for him?).

    A green mohawk.... Somehow I'm not suprised. :P

    But yay! Thanks so much for stopping in and letting us know how it's going. You know you've got my prayers and best wishes. I'll crack out the pompoms if you'd like (well, I technically need to buy some, lol). Hopefully when things calm down, well be graced with your presence on here again. We certainly miss you!

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    I'm glad to hear that everything is working out / looking up for you!

    And, hopefully, everything continues on this track. (:

    p.s. And it's true, we definitely missed having you around. <3

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    I didn't see this until now, but on the off chance you do see this, it is a pleasure to hear from you and I'm glad Xavi got a hold of you. It's great to hear you are doing well, despite what sounds like a whirlwind of factors stirring an average life up, but as expected you saddled up and rode that twister like a champ.

    It is seriously crazy to hear your little guy is TWO. YEARS. OLD. Like I can't believe it, I feel like just yesterday we were chatting about your little lump of cutie pie. Gah. WOW. Anyway, I wish you well, and I'm sending positive vibes your way m'dear! I miss our quiet morning chats and your rants about science... and of course your writing.

    AWESOME to hear from you!
    And I hope you have not a single still moment.

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