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Thread: Showdown on Watling Street (Xavi and Cows)

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    Showdown on Watling Street (Xavi and Cows)

    He's such a misfit,
    Always ready to draw.
    It's like his business,
    Locking up your friends as the law.
    There is no difference,
    If you believe you're strong.

    He's a bulldozer making sure you're flat on the ground.
    He's like a boomerang,
    That never gives up.
    He drives a circle so he hits you,
    And you're biting the dust.

    Leland: What, no! You can't ram the suspect you idiot.
    Renner: Don't be so anal. I barely hit them!

    So just remember this:

    When they're chasing you down,
    Face first you'll be thrown into the court of law.
    They'll lock you out.

    -Redone lyrics of "Here Comes Vi" by Nicki Taylor (because why not)
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