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Thread: Hopeful Request.

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    Hopeful Request.

    First and foremost, I have nothing to compensate you with. I apologize for that. You will have my eternal gratitude if that is any consolation.

    What I would like is for OC art, unfortunately I am not exactly the most talented of artists so I can't seem to make any myself.

    Here's a general description of the character with some pics here and there for guidelines.

    Name: Alex Silvers
    Age: 2X (early twenties)
    Sex: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Skin tone: Fair (pale but healthy)
    Hair color: Black XXXXX
    Eye color: Gold/Yellow XXXXX
    Eyes: usually has tired eyes demonstrated by slightly darker contours due to lack of sleep.
    Hair: Very short on the sides and back, short on top, slightly swept to the left (his left)
    Facial hair: Soul Patch (w/ optional 5'o clock shadow)
    Eyebrows: Thick but maintained with a very thin cut across his outer right eyebrow.
    Piercings: A labret piercing (it is conic and metallic, somewhat but not completely concealed by his soul patch)
    Clothing: Varied but usually a mix of black and gray, often wears a black buttoned long coat with a zipper across the left bicep (occasionally removes the sleeve) and simple, logoless shirts and gray stone-washed jeans.
    Powers (optional in drawing): left hand of the devil (demonstrated by his arm turning black with white nails, black and white smokey aura optional)
    Teeth: normal, white.
    Overall built: lean but muscular
    Overall personality: Confident/cocky and somewhat sadistic.
    Morality: Chaotic neutral.
    Accessories: rings, necklaces, etc. (optional) always silver and plain or with celtic symbols.
    Other: is a smoker & drinker. (optional in drawing)

    Anything else is the artist's choice. Thank you so much for any and all art.
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