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    To claim an award, members must post in the "Awards Claim" thread. They should state which award they are claiming with link(s) to proof of their achievement.

    Awards are given only to members who have met the outlined requirements. If a member has not fulfilled the minimum requirements for an award, he or she will not be given the award until he or she has done so. After completion, the member is allowed to reclaim the award.

    Members may post claims at any time when they feel they have completed the requirements for an award.

    Awards are administered by the staff of WTFRPG and no one else.

    Members should not display awards they have not achieved.

    Custom-made awards should only be displayed by the member(s) they were designed for.

    The staff is not responsible for tracking a member's progress towards a specific or any award. Members are responsible for claiming and managing their awards. Staff will only certify that an award has been achieved.
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