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Thread: The Guide To A Modern Roleplay: Game/Character Creation

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    The Guide To A Modern Roleplay: Game/Character Creation

    Modern RP is a very rare RP as most people tend to play fantasies. Of course you can have fantasy elements in a modern roleplay but you still have to stick to the premise of something that is based upon our actual living and breathing world. You have to account for massive political tension, wars, constantly forming and breaking friendships, and many other things which are vital to a modern roleplay.

    Roleplay Background: The Elements Of A Game/Character

    You want a modern roleplay so you have to think about the background of your whole story which will expand and change. What place will it be in? A store? A military base? A warehouse? How about the antagonistic ideas that are hindering your characters advances? Will it be the army, some unknown force, or nature? How about the type of treatment your characters will go through? Torture? Investigation? Luxury? Homeless?

    These are all factors which play into how your character will develop as well with others which form a gigantic melting pot of ideas.

    Game Creation:

    Lets make an example of a game you could create based on some of the principles already stated. So you're creating a game on the nuclear struggle of a country of Marltia which is a small country in the middle east. It is under the constant struggle of two apposing countries with members spying on eachother. One country is trying to get the best intel so they can have a strike by their infrantry and the other is trying to gain enough intel by their spies so they can do a nuclear strike long before the enemy has devised a plan to strike with troops. The locations this game could take place in is both apposing countries government offices, a neutral border zone for character interaction, and general character housing in both their own countries and the enemies.

    Character Creation:

    An example for this would be in the same game as above. Your character is a general of the country of Marltia, and has enough political power/authority to launch a preemptive strike. Your characters drawback however is that he requires intelligence of if the enemy is going to strike first and thus his moves are limited in the war which is going on. Your character has many issues within himself as well as perhaps he dislikes the idea of nukes but he is under order when he gets enough intelligence to finale fall through and break that flaw. Perhaps that general would use espionage and join the enemies side as he dislikes what could and would happen the apposing country. Each character in a modern RP tends to act the same as any individual you'd come to know. The one I made an example of could well exist in the current world we live in.

    General Feedback:

    If you have any feedback on this guide and would like me to make more topic ideas to expand the guide then post em. I'll update it the best I can.

    Guide Update 1:
    I shall be putting up a character interaction guide within the next hour or two if i'm not busy roleplaying.
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