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Thread: Witch's Feast | A trek into the dark and unbelievable

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    Witch's Feast | A trek into the dark and unbelievable

    It was the night before everyone you knew would be swept off to college to star their lives anew. The night air is warm and sweet; light shatters out across the lake and the sound of merriment fills everyone's ears. This is the biggest party of year, so far, held when the summer is at its warmest; and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. You are currently at a cabin on a lake; a rather large lake that's waters look black in the midnight glow. All around you is forest and you had to take a narrow gravel road to get here. And though this place is isolated out here in the woods you had to scramble for parking next to a large and grassy hill.
    Something that should have been so simple turns dark and treacherous in a moment.
    The lights immediately shut off, and this is followed by screams and shortly after intoxicated laughter. Though that only lingers in the air for a bit before deafening screeches rip from the dark folds of the cabin and the sound of scrambling is heard through the solidity of night. When the lights flicker back on- it is just you and three others left in a room that was once crowded with bodies.

    There are screams further into the night- and the scrambling of bodies attempt to enter their car and drive off before they are squelched by whatever unseen force surrounds the cabin. Yet you cannot stay there- and instead have to venture out into the night. Probably the freakiest realization is when you look up into the night sky and all the stars that you were familiar with are gone, and that white glossy moon is now a pregnant red droplet that is suffocating the sky with other more dampened ones ghosting about it.
    The world has changed- the lake is black an beyond it is a massive swamp that you don’t remember being there before. There are mountains in the background, and beyond that a shimmering light that might signify a city- you might be safe if you can get there.
    Of course first you have to travel through the swamp, and whatever other environments await you- and little do you know that your appearance in this world means you have been cordially invited to the
    Witch’s Feast.

    Current Players: Artsydaze, MarineViolet, Schizophrenic and GlitterAnts


    Character Name:
    Height and Build:
    General Description:
    Reputation in Highschool:
    Optional: If you have a character picture that is fine- but this RP doesn't require one- so don't hurt yourself.

    Current Inventory:


    Large Item:
    Small Item:
    Small Item:
    Small Item:


    1. Artsydaze
    2. MarineViolet
    3. Schizophernic
    4. GlitterAnts

    Progress Notes:

    (This will be filled when we have actual progress in the RP- so you can remember maybe some important things that happened before.)

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    Username: Artsydaze
    Character Name: Berenice Samedi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height and Build: Tall and willowy
    General Description: A young woman of Egyptian and Creole descent who takes pride in her people relationship with the occult, particularly with the voodoo and tarot branches of the occult. She wears her breaded black hair in various diaphanous shawls and golden bangles and made up her face in dark, dramatics colours. She wears clothes of her own making and is very thin in appearance, her bony wrists covered in heavy bangles.
    Reputation in Highschool: She is considered as an occult expert and the girl who runs the astrology section of the school's paper. A bit quirky and a lot haughty and nosy, nobody mess with her in fear that what she is spouting out constantly could be real.

    Current Inventory:

    Head: Purple Shawl
    Torso: White Peasant Blouse
    Legs: Tied Leather Trousers
    Feet: High-Heeled Leather Boots
    Accessory: A Dozen Bangles

    Large Item:
    Small Item: Wallet
    Small Item: Cellphone
    Small Item: Tarot Deck
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    Username: GlitterAnts
    Character Name: Charles Benn (Chuck)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height and Build: 5'11"/170lbs
    General Description: Charles has light eyes the color of the winter sky with an intensity to them that keeps you focused entirely on them. He has a strong build with wide set shoulders, a thin waist, a flat stomach and a pair of well structured long legs; perfect for running. His thick yellow hair is wavy and styled like a wide strip over his skull, with the sides cropped short and the top wild. His skin is lightly tanned, which some people mistake for a fake-and-bake, when in fact it's in his genes - his mother is Italian and his father Scandinavian. Charles usually prefers to wear clothes that are comfortable and baggy, but has a problem with leaving the house without looking put together. So he settles to where brand name jeans with dress shirts, v-necked t-shirts and the occasional vest or a worn leather jacket.
    Reputation in Highschool: The Athlete or Prep. Charles is one of the best batter's on the high school baseball team. He is also involved in other athletics, such as Lacrosse, Swimming and Track. He has a good head on his shoulders except when it comes to his popularity status at the school. He rarely is seen hanging around those on the lower levels of the totem pole for your typical high school. Which usually leaves him with not very good friends, considering most of them suck at being compassionate or smart with their actions. But High school is about survival and that is exactly why Charles tries so hard to please others. To others he is seen as a jerk. Even if he doesn't have the first hand in the bullying he tends to turn a blind eye to the actions. And although he is quite smart a lot of people guess that he's an idiot, because who would think you could do so many extracurricular's as well as keeping your grades up.

    Current Inventory:

    Head: A loose scarf around his neck, a pair of bulky head phones and a pack of cigarettes secure in a bandanna around his forehead.
    Torso: A white long sleeved shirt with a zipper at the chest and a fluffy armless vest.
    Legs: Designer distressed jeans and white belt.
    Feet: Simple grey socks and white Vans Trainers.
    Accessory: Leather, cloth and chain bracelets, three rings: simple silver band around his right index finger, his graduation ring on his right ring finger and a intricately designed ring around his left middle finger. A band-aid on his thumb and index finger on the right hand. A wallet chain on his belt (actually attached to his wallet in his back pocket).

    Large Item: A Baseball bat (In his car. Unattainable?)
    Small Item: Cigarette lighter
    Small Item: Cellphone
    Small Item: His lucky rock. (A small light grey Bezoar Stone)

    Tell me if you want me to fix anything Nomi my darling love <3
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