Basically I want three mentors or someone to help me with all of below.

  1. I wanna learn to write horror type role plays
  2. I'd like to spice up my more adult writing, yes I do mean sex scenes but also rape, abuse, and the more mature side of the writing world.
  3. This one I'm gonna be picky about but I want someone to help me with writing MxM pairing and I mean both romantically and normal type writing.

I know I could use some help in other departments of my writing but I really want to work on these types at the moment. I figure this is the only way to get an honest opinion on my writing which I want... forget about my feelings and tell me the truth (I hate it more when people lie to me about my writing since I know it isn't in the top ten of best role players).

So yeah... any one want to help me?