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12-16-2014 12:35 AM
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    It's 1939. Hitler has hailed for six years and it doesn't seem like he's going to lose power any time soon. Things are getting worse and worse for Germany with every passing second, but most find it futile to resist. People are dying, babies are crying, and the Nazis are smiling. In every situation, a person has a preference or alliance as to where they stand in the situation. Agree, disagree, play both sides, stay neutral, etc. Good & evil, light & dark, right & wrong. And this is where you come in to hand.
    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    Fragments of Time - Closed - Adult
    A virus called time sweeps across the plains of our land. It is slowly crippling civilization. A person from the future has traveled back in time to help prevent the destruction of mankind. But, by doing this, the world as we know it is no more. We turn to this one individual and pray that salvation can come from all of this.
    Follow the adventures of new Hogwarts students from the beginning...while dealing with the rise of a couple dark witches...
    Within the world of NOW, anything is possible. To be a fighter, dueler, to use magic, and to even make a home for yourself. It was the most popular game ever to be released in the world for virtual reality MMORPG form.....the players though, just didn't expect they weren't playing 'just a game' anymore.
    Occultia Academy - Closed
    Occultia, sometimes called O'cult, is a private academy that hand selects students to enroll. Those selected receive a letter in the mail that requests his/her enrollment. All fees and tuition costs are wavered, making travel the only monetary issue.
    you can read but you can't post
    Story of Us - Adult
    By intermediate, I mean a paragraph (four+ sentences) or two (or more) each post. - Welcome to Itya, we are a small town but don't for one second think we are boring. After all how many small towns can say that they have an alien ship residing under their City Hall? Sure many can say they have elves, demons, and animal people but none can say aliens live in their town, that is what makes us so special.
    Begin your journey in an "Anime show" styled RP.
    Finish your journey in this anime-themed roleplay.
    The super soldiers that were supposed to be created for World War II have escaped their life in prison before their time had come to be killed by the people of their own nation. Now they have all escaped from their caged lives and now have lost all their memories of everything that had happened to them. They are unaware that they are being followed and tracked by the government to be killed. All that is left for them is to regain their memories and everything that had happened to them to possibility join together and solve this whole problem on why they were selected to be the test subjects for super soldiers.
    Private 1x1 between Ascadellia and Schizophrenic.
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    Ain   (played in New Online World)
    Brigitte Ariel Roth   (played in Ain't No Rest For The Wicked {Accio,Asca,&Cri)
    "It is never easy to turn back the clock. It is almost impossible to turn back the calendar. "
    Damien Grey   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    Hide yo pies, Demi's here!
    Dorian Syn Belask   (played in The Forgotten 12)
    The Artsy Boy
    Envy   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    Gaven Lewis   (played in The Red String of Fate)
    A young Manatsukai who is unaware of his own ability.
    Harper Chanthum   (played in To Live Happily Ever After)
    Aladdin~ 15/Freshman/ Loners
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