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    I'm sorry about that; that must have sucked. Hope things get better
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    Hey, Neko. Checking back with you
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    I'm good too!!~
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    H-Hey~ H-How are you???~ -nuzzles and licks her cheek-
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    ok then what do you want to rp
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    have you seen the mortal instruments
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    hey do you want to do a private rp?
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    omg, I haven't chatted with you in forever. How the hell are you?!
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    like a love story but like maybe have it twisted
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About BoredNeko19

Basic Information

Date of Birth
July 6
About BoredNeko19
Feel free to bug me if I don't reply within in a week to a role play. Unless I'm hugely swamp with real life, I should be able to get a reply up shortly after being bugged. But talk to me OOC and it'll happen faster as my muse loves it when talking to people.

I'm just someone who happens to have no life or anything due to a anxiety disorder. So if I seem weird, rude (I try not to be), and anti-social that is why. I'm hugely socially awkward and deprived of a social life.

Now on to the important stuff, I go by BoredNeko19 but ya can call me Neko-Chan or Neko if ya don't wanna type it all out.

I spend way too much time online and have crazy sleeping habits. I have tons of rabbits, two dogs (female), two cats (both female), and some big dust bunnies that live under my bed. I'm a strict country girl who lives on a farm, so I do disappear sometimes for days when family drags me away. The farm part only leaves it so I'm normally on around dark and not that much during daylight hours.

I love horses & horse back riding, anime, manga, writing, role playing, cooking, reading, playing games on my PS3 and Nintendo Dsi, making lists on forums, website design, photography, making lists, animals, music, fantasy, DragonAge, and movies.

I'm very open to things so if ya want to rp with me give me a shout.
If ya just wanna talk feel free to add to me a messenger.

If ya wanna stalk me on DA or FB then click the right link below:
Missouri, USA
Writing, Photography, Animals, Role Playing, PSthree games, DragonAge, Horseback Riding, Music
Freelance/Pet Photographer/Hobbyist Rabbitry


Want to rp? Send me a PM!

Story of Us a small town slice of fantasy life.
Shichiyou Academy is Adult Rated School.


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    Astythiel - Adult
    Astythiel is a level of hell owned by Shyreia. It was given to her by Hades when the greek gods of old were still a huge part of the world all those years ago. Huge work in progress as I build it and work out the flaws in it. No real plot just a bunch of people interacting and playing in this world.
    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    Neko's 1x1s - Adult
    Meh just a place for me to store my 1x1 rps either are done off or on site. Read at your own risk.. some will come deep from my mind and those are the ones to be weary of.
    Shichiyou Academy is the last chance school for most, it takes kids of all ages as it teaches grades PreK on up to College for the students who wish to stick around the school.All kinds of creatures come here so beware not to get bitten (although biting is a good thing here).As it is a boarding school it can also be an all year living place for some of the students.
    Story of Us - Adult
    By intermediate, I mean a paragraph (four+ sentences) or two (or more) each post. - Welcome to Itya, we are a small town but don't for one second think we are boring. After all how many small towns can say that they have an alien ship residing under their City Hall? Sure many can say they have elves, demons, and animal people but none can say aliens live in their town, that is what makes us so special.

    Karla Gwen Sylvia-Calhoun   (played in Neko's 1x1s)
    "Computer and Robots are my friends." Just an normal girl who is obsessed with computers and robots.
    Karla Janice Singleton   (played in Shichiyou Academy)
    School Hospital Nurse and Part Time School Nurse
    Liv Myra Silviera   (played in Neko's 1x1s)
    Niall & Kaito de Bon Coer   (played in Shichiyou Academy)
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
    Roxas Ella Thompson   (played in Neko's 1x1s)
    Shut up and get out of my way, I will get my way rather you like it or not. - just a spoiled princess who is wild during storms.
    Roxas Ella Thompson   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    Shut up and get out of my way, I will get my way rather you like it or not. - just a spoiled princess who is wild during storms.
    Roxas Shichiyou   (played in Shichiyou Academy)
    You're cute but I wanna go screw a hot teacher. Wanna be the hot teacher or do I need to find another one?
    Ryuu Shichiyou   (played in Shichiyou Academy)
    To protect the children I will risk everything.
    Secriel   (played in Astythiel)
    Shyreia's Butler
    Shyreia   (played in Astythiel)
    A demon queen who with one look into her red eyes will let you know that she is in charge, that if she decides to play with you it will be on her terms and her terms alone.
    Sorpahoax   (played in Astythiel)
    Helle's Butler
    The NPC   (played in Story of Us)
    The NPC It can take the form of anything that is needed at the moment. Anyone can play
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