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    Haha, awesome. I'd love to translate your stuff! And thanks for the congrats! I'm real happy about it, even if it's not very steady income.
    Also, hope you feel all good again soon. :3
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    No, it's fine. Thank you so much!

    I would write more words of thanks, but tablet sucks and I'm mad at it, lol.....
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    Yeah I was thinking movie version! >D

    Awesome, boards been interesting the last while . . .
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    How To Play >>> http://www.wtfrpg.com/forum/showthre...-or-LORD-MERCY

    Bucky (Captain America)

    not my type | alright | cute | adorable | hot | sexy | LORD MERCY
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    Woah, it's your birthday? Happy Birthday!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and be safe in whatever you choose to do!
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    Happy birthday! Hope it's awesome and that you get to take a day off from everything. Wouldn't want you to work too much on your special day!
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    Haha, yeah! I was thinking about that! Writing the whole thing first, then releasing it, or writing several short stories, then releasing them all within weeks or months, whatever works best to keep buzz going. But that would mean finishing anything. I can't handle one, it makes me lol thinking about handling two.

    Yeah I know what you mean. I've been trying to finish this story under the mentality that my friend will surely like it, given the characters and a joke we did, but since she hasn't actually read it yet it's kind of hard to keep thinking she'll like it at all. XD

    Also also, I'm super happy! I got the job! I'll be proofreading Spanish version of novels!! Getting paid to read what I like, super awesome! XD (Hey, if you ever want to translate your stuff to Spanish, I'm looking into the translation business as well ) Only downside is they can't pay me through paypal since I live in the ass of the world. Will be roaming around downtown for days trying to figure out what bank to change checks on, lol. (But at least I'll have the money in hand, since I can't withdraw paypal funds anyway XD)

    And lol, How about if and when?

    (well that was weird. Even tho I wrote my reply it said it was too short and I needed 3 characters at least <_<)
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    XD Regardless of the intended length I seem to hit a bump ever 300-400 words. lol It's kind of annoying, really. But yes, I want to write a proper, full-fledged novel too, even if it's just once (then again, imagine you DO write a novel that's nice and long and people love it and you become famous and then they're like "where's part two???" and it's like omg, pressure writing, like it wasn't hard without the pressure. XDDD.... then again, maybe motivation helps lol)

    Ah, yes, fanfic. it's kinda funny that I find I can't really write fanfic (or maybe it's that I don't like to as much), but the two I have up (all very short XD) seemed to get an ok following- one because it was so silly, the other I have no clue because there's faves but no one comments... <_<
    But I can see how a FF following would help, since you know your stories on that were going along well. XD
    RP-fic sounds cool X)

    I'm trying hard to follow that mantra lol Last two times I almost stall I did that. It was haaard~
    My latest flailing is:
    "But I feel like I'm writing a tour guide for New York now" lol (and I haven't even put in any detail, just mentioned places in like one paragraph XDD)

    And yay! But... If. Not when, if. XDDDD
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    Pfffftt only 30k? I start struggling at 300 XDDD Unless my first post is angst-ridden, then I seem to be able to manage 700 words of self-loathing for a character. Which I don't think is a great accomplishment, but at least gives me more words. xD But with 30k you're already entering on novella ground, with a little push it should work out fine!
    I wants that. I need some "disconnect your brain and write to at least 30k without issues" lessons.
    But I guess it shouldn't be too overly strange though, I mean, when I wrote more, when I was younger, I dedicated most to short, short stories. A quick look at my blog and you'll see most the stuff I actually finished isn't over two or three pages long, if at all.I did have two or three (lame XD) stories that spanned more pages, two of which I'm fairly sure I ddin't post because I felt so embarrassed about them (but maybe I should post them, just to populate and feel better XDDD). And the other one is like The One rp that I managed to finish (so it wasn't just me writing it).
    The rest are just ficly snippets. I seem to be good at 1-2 paragraph snippets, but can't put a whole story on paper, even though I have sooooo many that it makes me want to cry (maybe not really cry, but close to).

    But my pauses are all about second guessing and doubts on how to continue it (I guess I bore myself out, even if my friends swear up and down that it's not boring XD), and less about finding 'natural pauses'.

    Yesss, need more confidence.
    Or less of a feeling of embarrassment, like "Oh, I wrote, and I give a damn if no one likes it " I do admit I give a damn if no one likes it. xDDDD Even if mainly I write for myself. lol

    What I really really need is a site I can post excerpts and snippets too where actual feedback goes on.

    I still say kudos if you go with anything over 12 (or even with 12). I think the only way I would finish one is by doing ONE challenge that I don't even have to finish lol.

    Ah, I'm trying to do something like that. From chapter one to two I skipped over a weekend (chapter one has Raj being Raj and moping lol oh yes, and meeting Steph xD), but of course I wanted to show a 'real' date before I skipped months, so chapter two (Steph's pov) has the date (he came out a bit obsessive, I think xD), but I think after this chapter I might go for a skip, because I'm already at 6k pages haha. <_< top was 15k for this submission. XD (Then again I guess if I finish it and it's over 15k I could always submit it as a stand alone and then expaaaand xDD).
    Though I'm (as usual!) a bit unsure if I'm not giving away too much at this point. I'll revise on that later I think or I'll never write the rest. XD

    IF I ever finish it, would you like to read it? I wouldn't want you to feel like you have to critique it or even read it or anything (just a 'nice' 'ok' or 'lame' would suffice lol then again if you really wanted to I wouldn't stop you )
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