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    Hello Epic. Just wondering what you think of working on Darkness Falls again? Either to at least give persmission to put your character in reserve, or maybe if you want to, yuo can keep writing?
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    Faye. Return pls. ;~;
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    heyy so i was wondering if you could check out my new rp and possible join and tell other friends about it ^^ thanks!~ http://www.wtfrpg.com/forum/showthre...pgtab=overview
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    I would say that Clan Ravenclaw did not reside near grasslands. They were a forest and meadow people.
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    It's just Google Translate, my friend. I used Irish. But, that's not the only language. Clan Ravenclaw was a Celtic Barbarian people. So that's why I chose it. I wonder if Shana would speak the same, or if she might use a different language. Anya does speak common, by the way. I just haven't had her speak it much yet. XD
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    Hey Faye, what's up?
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    Lovely, But here's a hint: Voltur unlike Ash and Vornil arnt as free willed currently STAY TUNED x3 as He will need shana help and quickly.
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    Question: Was she referring to Voltur and Vornil as children or something else :P? Just for future reference and next post thanks!
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    Feel free to reply at any time I'm trying to give some light on the RP and advance it
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    Sorry if I am late in replying Dx! I was busy today and sure that will work =)!
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    Dive into Tirn a land of unimaginable adventure. Racial turmoil, politics and prejudice plague the land not to mention creatures that roam in the deepest parts of the world, waiting for one side to become weak giving them their chance to strike. Although tensions continue to rise the world continues on. Adventures and plunder are aplenty . Carve yourself a spot in this world if you think you're up for it
    My own grouping of slave rps, small groups of no more then five players each unless specified.
    Darkness Falls - Adult
    Knights and barbarians, once bitter enemies, must now band together if they will have any hope of survival in the terrible new world, transformed in the wake of a catastrophic event. In this medieval fantasy/post-apocalyptic RP, you will do what you have to do or die, for there can be no mercy for the weak when darkness falls and horrors rise in the night.
    The sword gives way to the gun, technology replaces magic, and after a thousand years since its beginning, Camelot still stands strong... yet dark forces are rising and bad times are on horseback
    Necromancers from certain spots all over have joined forces and made a city called Necro-City. They have taken in the Vampire hunters to go out and capture vampires (Kill them.) They have been at war with Three of the Vampire Societies for over 2 years. Unknowing of the Necromancer's plan, everyone fights for survival. Which side will you choose?
    Within the world of NOW, anything is possible. To be a fighter, dueler, to use magic, and to even make a home for yourself. It was the most popular game ever to be released in the world for virtual reality MMORPG form.....the players though, just didn't expect they weren't playing 'just a game' anymore.
    Finish your journey in this anime-themed roleplay.
    Within the 'Land of Faries', fighting is a common thing, when you have over nine races within these fantasy lands. The reason for this, is the race to the World Tree. To have court with the King of Faries, and hopefully become an Alf. A legendary race, who is able to fly higher in the skies, with white bird like wings. The only problem is, it is no easy task, to enter inside of the World Tree, and to reach the King of Faries. Within this land of ALfheim, what race are you?

    "Nevamoore"   (played in New Online World)
    "Jest cause I am, doesna mean I can" -- Game NPC/A.I
    Akira Tsukimori [WIP]   (played in Necromance-City)
    A symphetic Human to the Violet Vampire Tribe.
    Boss NPC's   (played in New Online World)
    Boss NPC's that are at the end of each level, to move to next level, and also of quests. Mods: Enzo, Volitaire, Faye.
    Character Sample   (played in World of ALfheim)
    Dia Fleur   (played in Bound by Chains and Collars (O/A all characters))
    A new Dryad who has a secret side to her...
    Dia Visime   (parked in character pool)
    A Mandrake with a serious party-girl attitude...
    Elizabeth Debray   (played in Darkness Falls)
    An optimistic knight-in-training and willful niece...
    Faye   (played in New Online World)
    Lv. 5 Dragoon -- "I don't see as being stuck, but as a way to keep on going."
    Faye Tsukimori   (played in The Coming Darkness 2)
    We all have something inside of us; Mine is just something more.
    Nami "Lilith" Hamilton   (played in The Coming Darkness 2)
    "Sometimes we just need a little smile in our lives~"
    NPC's   (played in New Online World)
    General NPC's: Store Owners, Clerks, Quest Holders, etc.
    Rayne Visime   (played in Adventures in Tirn)
    A rogue Volturi with the urge to travel, and have a little fun...
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