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Date of Birth
September 12
About kani
Feel free to invite me to your role play or we could do 1x1 :3

- I can play any gender
- If it's romance RP, I only do MxM or MxF
- I RP at least a paragraph

Don't control my character cause I'm not going to control yours.

My RP Genre:
Romance, School Life, Modern, Slice of Life, Sci-Fi, Fandom,
Mystery, Fantasy, Supernatural and Adventure

RP Likes:
Tutor X Student
Teacher X Student
Childhood Friends
Popular X Plain/Nerd
Any Mythical Creatures X Human
Master/Mistress X Apprentice
Zombie Apocalypse Survivors
Treasure Hunting
Doctor X Patient
Celebrity X Fan
Enchanted Doll X Human
Scientist X Experiment
(Feel Free to Suggest)
Under Your Bed
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Stalking You! (◕‿◕)


would you like to roleplay with me?


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    All Around Love~ - Closed
    Revolving in a town full of love tales ❤
    Augest Nights - Adult
    Do not allow the title to fool you. This is a world based around a notorious club owner Liam Augest, a man who runs the most exotic and successful club in the modern world. Its clientele spans from the extremely wealthy, to the various types of mobsters, it is quite the business. The club offers services to many races, however for every service Mr. Augest has a price that must be paid.
    Dear Alice - Adult
    Alice is back, and a sweet horror has been waiting for her.// A roleplay allowing you to go as mad as you wish.// Have some fun together, lovely psychos
    Where monsters go to get away from it all
    Love story revolving around a band group.
    Online Game - Closed
    A game that revolves lies, love, betrayal and friendship…
    Your in the middle of a world war between children ,adults and the dictator. Are you willing to lose your life to someone who has taken everything you ever had away from you?
    1x1 between monsters_inside_us and kani
    Thanks for appearing in front of me and guiding me…
    Unknown Island - Closed
    After getting stranded in Unknown island do the humans still need to spend time on food, water, and shelter if there are "people" living there?
    The gates to Cross Academy have opened again. The headmaster still has high hopes to get the vampire and humans to co-exist peacefully. Maybe This year's students, will finally prove that.
    Yokai Academy - Closed
    School for all the creatures even humans can attend too. The word yōkai is made up of the kanji for "otherworldly" and "weird". They possess animal features other times they can appear mostly human, some look like inanimate objects and others have no discernible shape. Yōkai usually have a spiritual supernatural power, with shapeshifting being one of the most common.

    Ai Shimizu   (played in All Around Love~)
    You're too cruel to not to let me confess to someone I love
    Akio Tsuki   (played in Thanks for being born)
    Having what you want is a miracle but don't forget there still a word name "Consequence" :)
    Arakaki Siblings   (parked in character pool)
    We like the same things. And we're fine if there are two of something. But... what if there was only one?
    Arakaki Siblings   (played in Augest Nights)
    We like the same things. And we're fine if there are two of something. But... what if there was only one?
    Beniko Sakamoto   (played in All Around Love~)
    Why do I have to be with you? If I already knew, you are going to break my heart as you always do
    Cannibals   (played in Unknown Island)
    We love to Eat Meat
    Honey Lu   (played in Unknown Island)
    Please stay by my side...
    Inyaki Yamada   (played in Thanks for being born)
    Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life...
    Kanako Rei   (played in Yokai Academy)
    Don't be afraid...everything is gonna be alright....
    Kimiko   (played in All Around Love~)
    Until you barge into my life without my permission. I realize it's better to be alone than to feel this pain inside of me
    Kino Fuyumi   (parked in character pool)
    These tears that I cry may not mean nothing to anyone anymore but I still manage to over come all those sad sorrows that lay beneath my skin.
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