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Conversation Between MarineViolet and Sweetsunnyrain

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  1. D'aww it's fine~ c':

    So how are you?
  2. Haha, yeah. Oh, and about the RP, I would post more, but writer's block loves me apparently. >.>
  3. Hey there! :3 Long time no talk, haha. c':
  4. XD Nice, nice.
  5. I will now make a female angel!
  6. XD D'awww thanks~ And nuuu~ Poor Eric. XDDD
  7. I love your angel boy over there ^_^. Sam's going to have lot of fun with him. *evil laugh* MWAHAHAHAHA!
  8. You're welcome, and thanks as well! C': I'm making an angel now, a boy . o u o
  9. Aw, thanks yous . I love your character too.
  10. I love your character!
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