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Wren E. Burchard

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Schizophrenic

Rating: (any)   Genre: (any)  

A genius beyond her years, forced into horrible circumstances.

"There is no justice in this world."

Age : 17
Height : 5' 6"
Hair Color : Crow's Feather Black
Eye Color : Midnight Blue
Body Type : Mature for her age

Let's just say, motivation isn't something that comes often to this girl... aside from the realization that she is broke. Ah yes, not until a representative from the bank is knocking on her door does she realize it is indeed time to get some work. Her inability to take orders, or work cooperatively with anyone made it impossible for her to work with any bureaucratic establishment. Most men and woman consider her impossible, and avoid her like the plague. All in all, it isn't easy for her to make friends or any long lasting relationships, not that she has the desire too.

But catch her in a good mood, or highly intoxicated and you'll see a different side to Wren. Her sarcasm melts away into a playful and soft undertone. She has a favorite game she likes to play, the results usually astounding and entertaining those around her. Due to her high level of intelligence and keen senses, she is unbelievably good at reading people and could tell a lot about someone she has never even met before just by observing them for a mere few minutes. Using this school, she will occasionally take bets in various lodge's on whether or not she could read someone correctly or not. It's a great way to earn quick income.

Wren suffers through a lot of torment due to her keen intelligence. Others try to bring her down, calling her names to make them feel better about themselves. Insecure about her genius, she has become obsessed with dulling her senses through alcohol. Of course this being an illegal act of an adolescent, she has to be coy about it, but sometimes hiding it can be near impossible.

Equipment / Abilities
Keen Eye
  • Can easily pin point the basics such as; career, relationship status, alignment, ect.
  • May also be able to see into their history using the information gathered.

Memory Index

  • Photographic Memory
  • Can remember almost all faces, buildings, important numbers, ect.


  • Flask of vodka.
  • Ballpoint pen and pad of paper.

The Early Years...

Many children wish they were born into the Buchard family, who wouldn't? They were wealthy, educated and respected in the public eye. Wren got everything her heart desired, along with her older brother and sister. Home schooled by the best instructors money could buy, invitations to private clubs where she could sharpen her talents. Even at a young age, it was more than obvious the youngest Buchard was highly intelligent, but as if to even out the playing field lacked much of a personality. Wren didn't like talking unless it was absolutely necessary, but did enjoy being in the company for others, almost as if their presence was all she needed.

Young Adulthood...

Sent away to the academy, she took every course and training necessary to become a detective, studying years ahead of her age group, she took a lot of classes with college students, only furthering her maturity. When Wren came across her very first official case, she worked at an amazing rate, impressing much of the community. She prefers not to go over the details, but her skill had made her realize a highly powerful political figurehead was behind a chain of murder and scandal. In an attempt to blow the case wide open, she was only silenced and persecuted, while crooked officers aiding in pinning the crimes on an innocent man got away with something she saw as intolerable. The scandal brought much controversy to the Burchard household, and the family more concerned about losing their status cast off the youngest daughter.

The striking blow of being cast off by society and by her own family and friends had left a pretty deep scar. But despite it all, Wren knew she needed to use her talents to put an end to horrible people like the ones that put her in this place.