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Subject Y

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Owner: Schizophrenic

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Formerly known as Juniper Kismet, Subject Y is one of two revolutionary human experiments secretly developed by Better Living Industries.

" You may have given me life, but you've given me a life I never wanted to live. "

Before the accident, her hair was a chestnut brown and her eyes were a light hazel. But due to the extensive exposure to unstable toxic chemicals and high doses of Zero-One her hair has gone bright white and her eyes are now an unnatural glowing blue.

AGE // Twenty
HEIGHT // 5' 7''
WEIGHT // 129 lbs.

The Good //
The Bad //
Day dreamy
Likes //
Plants - specifically flowers (her favorite are Lilies.)
Animals - specifically birds
Foreign films
Cherry licorice
The Sun
Dislikes //
Small spaces
Horror films
Battery City

Equipment / Abilities
The augmentations in Junipers body are what keeps her alive. The heart beating in her chest is indeed the same that she has always had, but through innovation and extensive experimentation many of it's primary functions are aided with a complex array of constant flowing electricity through a series of hard wiring. Losing her left arm in the accident, it has been fully replaced with an animatronic replacement. It looks to be the average model that Better Living Industries has always put out, but holds many more features than what is readily available to the world.

The arm itself is directly connected to Junipers central nervous system, so not only does it do everything a regular arm should do, it has the ability to turn into any type of tool or weapon the user chooses. This type of technology took years to create, and is now being showcased.

The side effects of this amount of augmentation, radiation and Zero-One are; loss of pigment in both hair and eyes, loss of appetite, insomnia among other fatal possibilities.

Another unlucky soul to be born amongst the grime coated streets of Zone One. But unlike most, Juniper did her best to bring light and positivity where she went. By no means was the struggle of many a joke, and she took the horrible state of Battery City very seriously. But she did her best to always keep a smile on her face in the presence of others, even if she didn't feel quite like smiling.

Juniper was lucky enough to go through public schooling. Unlike most her age, she wasn't forced into working at an early age but that didn't stop her from trying to make some money on the side for her family. She would attempt to sell assortments of fake flowers on the street, but they only appealed to some - which resulted in her only bringing in a few dollars a day.

When she graduated from high school, she had hopes of becoming a botanist and getting out of Battery City. She had no augmentations to speak of, and had no tie to those streets aside from her family. The future was looking bright for the only Kismet child...

Until the day of the accident. June was making her way down the familiar sidewalks of Zone Two, planning to drop off her satchel of fake flowers to an elderly woman who had always admired them and had been kind enough to purchase a few almost every week. Cutting through a small alleyway beside what was later found out to be a Killjoy hideout, her trip was suddenly cut short.

Without warning, explosives planted inside the building (source unknown) blew out the walls, sending Juniper against the opposite end of the alley, against a concrete parking garage. The last images in her mind were much like a blur, but she could see pedestrians rushing to the scene of the accident. The faces they made were one's of horror and distress.

Juniper hung, pinned to the wall by a thick piece of shrapnel that anchored itself in the center of her chest, her left arm blown clear off by the explosions.