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Alan Keeper

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The ship's Doctor

Alan Keeper

Age: 22
Gender: male
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Chocolate
Height: 5'11
Weight: 157

Alan Keeper has a fair yellowish toned complexion. His body, though not at toned as many of the other men aboard the ship, he is fit. Besides, he is not completely kept around for his need of strength. Most of his outfits are casual. Loose shirts, fitted pants. Nothing quite like the rest of the crew. His attire has changed quite a bit since originally coming on board. Mainly since he used to wear high end clothes most of the time. Not so much anymore. As he has become sure none of the pirates would gut him. Well.. a good eighty percent anyway. One of his most prominent features are in fact his shape features. His face, jaw line, and even eyes are very stunning in appearance. His longer hair only adds to lessen his sharp features. Making him seem slightly softer.

Alan Keeper seems to be one plucked right from the house of a noble. There is not a speck of dirt on his entire attire. His rooms are spotless, and even his writings and speech are without errors. All at least at first impressions. Alan will seem to be a very proper young man. The type a father would not mind his daughter seeing. The Doctor part is a plus also. But this was the part of him brought up by the academy. Alan is Analytical, Observant, and very Precise. Something most would want in their doctors. Since first coming onto the ship, Alan has changed ever so slightly. He analyzes everything, and for the most part remains neutral in most battles. Making Alan a very good listener. Also is far less colder than he once was. He is more comfortable after all.

Equipment / Abilities
Alan, even for being on a pirate ship, does not carry any weapons on him. Surprising. He feels uncomfortable using any weapon, and his hands will tremble from the fear of killing another. His powers thought are somewhat strange. He does not have the ability to outright heal a person. Instead Alan is highly intelligent. Being a Reaper, Alan can see in the future. Weather it be seeing how someone will die, or if there will be a storm coming up ahead. His foresight is something he can control. Since he had his parents to teach him from his birth day. On top of that, Alan in very keen to the spirit world. He is able to see, speak to, and read the souls of others. Which in turn tells him where their soul will be going after they die. Something he does not share with anyone. Mainly because, until he dies it is not his job or right to say.


Alan Keeper was born to a very well known and wealthy family to the east. His father is still to this day an adviser to the emperor. While his mother works in dealings within their own people. He has one older brother and one young sister. He being the youngest male in the family, was not thought to be the most gifted. No, surprising that would fall to his youngest sister. Alan went threw school, graduating not only the top of his class, but five years early, and was accepted into a very precedes medical collage. There he worked to finish within the top three percent of his class. After collage, Alan went to work at the age of nineteen. His specialty became trauma. He worked very well under pressure, and very much enjoyed it. He was a very gifted human indeed.

Although, his sister, there was always something about her. Which could only be scene after her death. Alan's sister there was more to the young man's appearance. Alan is a reaper, as is his entire family. His goal in the afterlife is to lead souls to either heaven or hell. Which oddly enough was expected of him. You must understand, women Reapers are revered. They are rare, scene as a jewel among the dead. Or so to say. You see, in life Reapers are simply gifted Humans. Anything they do, is perfect. No questions about it. They were created by an archangel after all. That being said, Reapers do have their flaws. They can be controlled fairly easily. Only with dark magic though. Or threw talismans.

You may be wondering how such a noble, high rated doctor found himself on a pirate ship. That is all very simple... he does not have to tell a soul. What most of the crew knows is simple he paid for a life to another island, to find himself
staying aboard the beautiful vessel. He has been apart of the crew for no more than three months. In that time, has patched more holes than most would think for a ship.