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Seth Ebilyn Merel

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Hresvelgr

Rating: General   Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Modern, Historical, Other  


Seth| Ebilyn| Merel

female straight
June 1817 194

ηιcкηαмε Seth
εyε cσℓσя Moss Green
нαιя cσℓσя Sienna
нειgнт/ωειgнт Five foot five/ ninety-three pounds

⇢ i AϽT ʟiKe diϩ

I am simply one of the most focused, self-reliant, unpretentious person most will ever meet. My life has trained me to focus on everything situation handed to me. Weather it be a conversation with another person, or a political scene, or reading over documents, I am known to remember every small detail of words I have heard. Needless to say, I live alone as I have most of my life. Making me very self-reliant. If I need something, I go and get it myself. Because of this I find myself being unpretentious. Although I take time to dress myself up, I never try to impress anyone. I simply do not feel the need to. Besides being surrounded the famous, I refuse to get by the paparazzi. Even if it is not me they are after.

During my life time, I have focused of giving freedom to others. I often took jobs that had me putting others over my own well-being. Which seems easy enough, but when I have to drop and kick my gun away from me to insure a child does not get shot, I am handing my life away. Although if I were to go back and do it again, I would make the same decisions. I never go back on my word, and I have never been broken to give away secrets. Most would say I am rather uncooperative this day and age. There are many times I have been asked out, or attempted to be charmed, but I have my reasons for rejecting every potential lover. In short to sum up my entire being, I have been told I am the most stubborn, cold, infuriating woman to speak to.

Equipment / Abilities
⇢ iTϩ iи ϻy иATuяe T0 be bAd
Past⇢ Agent, Present⇢ Retired, Painter
⇢ i hAϩ ϻAd ϩkiʟʟz
I am trained fighter. Raised from birth to blend in, make my first attack count, and how to fuse my magic in with my weapons. Datu taught me a few minor healing spells... that work for something slightly bigger than a papercut.. I can blend into the shadows and strike out of no where. I know how to use my words wisely. Not to mention I am very fit. Barely breaking a sweat after a long battle.
⇢ 0 p00 i iϩ и0T iϻϻ0яTAʟ
Flashbacks from my past are my main weakness. I pretty much have shell shook like the soldiers get after returning from war. I see things occasionally while I am awake. Although this rarely happens.

⇢ blAϻe deϻ Ⅎ0ʟKϩ Ⅎя0ϻ dA pAϩT
I was born in the Netherlanders, but I can remember as far back as about my fifth birthday. Even that was simply waking up in a small twelve by six foot room. I grew up in a facility of sorts. With other supernatural children. Although there were only two others around my age. A female Changeling by the name of Maria, and a male Aswang by the name of Datu. We were all within a few years of age. All brought there since we were very young. I being the most human of them all. The facility I grew up in was a private group who's main purpose at the time was to keep the supernatural at bay. It was led by a few humans who every few generations changed lead. They brought in supernatural beings at a very young age, such as myself, in order to train us, but also to learn about us. I grew, also attending classes of sorts with Datu and Maria, along with a few other children who were older and younger than us by a few decades. But the three of us were a team. Datu being a mage, learned to use his magic perfectly. Maria could change herself into any creature she wanted. I of coarse was the slow learner. I was the first fanged elf they ever came across. Although I could use magic, I was never very good at it. Instead I used it in a far different way. Powering my weapons. So I became the main attacker in the group. Or the rouge if you wished to put a class on it. Our first missions revolved around tracking and taking down single targets during much of our young lives.

It wasn't until the American Civil war where we really made a name for yourselves. With the country in complete disarray, it left opportunity for us. Our order was also being led by a new, younger man. I learned quickly he was big with money. Often sending us to kill certain human generals for a few coin. Or anything for that matter. Interrupting letters, trade, basically becoming terrorists. But we followed without question. Following the way we were brought up. Our new father of sorts even put me in charge of the group. Me being the most human. Maria simply looked too strange, and Datu was too innocent to take the role. Our main point of glory was one particular mission. Though now I regret it dearly..

I was to go undercover to speak with John Wilkes Booth. I was always the one to go undercover since Maria had the hardest time becoming human. She could not act the part. I met with him in a small restaurant and discussed plans to assassinate the president. The plan was to strike when the president was in the White house. Sitting at his desk. He had a tendency to work alone as I had observed for many nights prior. Needless to say we had a deal. It was later we found the president was going to theater. Booth wished for us to get it done there. Even thought I claimed there were far too many people. He jumped at the chance, allowing his rage to fill him, and did just what history entailed. Although we did not really do the deed ourselves, We were a large part of it.

It was strange seeing what the organization was becoming. A Terrorist group. It was the few moment with Maria and Datu that kept my sanity. Whenever we failed a mission, or did not do well enough, it was me who was punished. Not to mention after a beating I was always given to Datu. They never gave him humans to feed from, so I became his source of nutrition everyday. Not as unpleasant as it sounds. We grew very affectionate towards each other. We did not leave Maria out though. She sometimes sat in the room with us while he fed from me. It being completely normal for us.
As I grew older my group started doing more and more work for humans. Since the pay was what was keeping our organization together. Or so I was told. The son or our last father stepped up just before World War I broke out. I personality played a large role in this war. He sent me in by myself. Which at the time I was deeply confused. The plan was for me to assassinate the last of Dracula's line. As soon as I arrived in Europe the first World War broke out. Forcing the family to flee the residence I was given. They left no evidence in their home as I searched, but then I was taken. Those details are nothing but a blur, but I do remember escaping after about three months, and my body was lined with many scars and puncture like teeth marks. Needless to say I failed the mission. I do remember fondly waking up to Datu's warm healing abilities.

My body apparently was so battered from the inside, I was not even allowed to leave my room for days. Datu stayed mainly out of worry, and to make sure I stayed sleeping for the amount of time he decided I needed. It took months for for me to completely heal. But even to this day I still have nightmares. As I grew older and older, and times changed to become far more violent, I was thrown into more and more missions... alone. By this time my relationship with Datu changed, into more of a relationship. I was the one who really made the first move. With everything haunting me at once, I needed a support, and even him simply rubbing my back while he fed on me was enough at the time. My missions during the second world war and after it were horrific. Cults, hippies, mass murder, guns, corrupt politicians, Cold War, and so much more. Our Organization had completely changed by the time another Father stepped up. This mission though was the one to force me out. I was sent undercover with a group of terrorists. I was told to simply take out the leader.

I was with the group for three weeks in Europe. They plotted, and I did meet with the head of the group many times. Having plenty of opportunities. I could not completely understand the language. They believed I was sent from the Netherlands. We were sent to Moscow and went right into the center of the city where five of the men I was with pulled guns out, firing right into the crowd of people. I stood back horrified. I had scene plenty of wars, but that... innocents were being murdered by the hundreds. They all turned and ran, one of them pulling me along. It was then I pulled my gun out on all of them. Shooting each in the knee before running myself. Back towards the hideout where I told our boss they had been captured by the police, which was true. When he turned to take a book from the wall, I shot him threw the chest.

By the time I made it back to America and to the organization All I wanted to do was hide, but instead our new Father called me to his office. Along the way I ran into Maria and Datu. Maria being the sweetheart she is was beyond pissed at me for allowing so many innocents to die. Datu could not even look at me. I felt worse than dirt by the time I made it to the office. Father was a young human. In his early twenties, and I learned he very much enjoyed my presence. He started to take advantage of me before I stabbed him with a hidden knife.. Completely at a loss, and probably slightly unstable I ran. Getting myself out of the compound. I could not handle it anymore. For three years I stayed in quiet before I bought my home in Japan.

⇢ duи hATe ϻe Ͻuz iϻ Aωeϩ0ϻe

I have been living in the quiet town in Japan for a few years now. My main reason are to simply get away from American. It seemed strange for me to settle in Japan, and a bit ironic, but while I was here the first time I simply fell in love. The air and nature here really brings out my tree-hugging side. Which is something I have long since forgotten, or blocked off. However you decide to put it. Threw my years of work with certain governments, I have easily saved up quiet a sum of money to live off of, and investing in wall street helped too of coarse.

For now I am in a bit of a vacation. My last mission really took a number out on me. Even though it has been a few years since the terrible accident. A secret between just you and I? I am hiding. Every now and again they try to bring me back. Even after I quit for good. Lucky for me, hiding in plain sight has really paid off. Being around so many famous people in a different country. My past is a complete secret from my neighbors. But I believe we all have something to hide. Mine simply has me waking up at night screaming at times.

sтιcкs 'η sтσηεs мαy вяεαк мy вσηεs Humans, Guilt, Not being able to sleep, paparazzi, nightmares.
вuт тнαт ɗσεsη'т мαттεя вεcαusε... Lying low, her neighbors, fruits.
ɗιɗ ι ғσяgεт tσ мεηтιση тнαт тнιs кεεps мε gσιηg... Army of Me and Revolution Roulette and Rock N' Roll Sweetheart