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Nickie “Nick” and Snow(ball)

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Kriemedean

Rating: (any)   Genre: (any)  

“Pussy.” “SON OF A BUNNY! I AM NOT!”


Ages: 17 and 16 correspondingly

Heights: 5’8” and 6’2”

Occupations: Slaves, originally normal household pets, then for Pain/Pleasure, now type depends on highest bidder

Body Type: Petite and Delicate with Feline-Influence, decently shouldered, Snow is abnormally Muscular for his kind thanks to eating meat and Lanky, causing a balancing effect, High Metabolism burns all fat

Genders: Male

Sexual Orientations: Heterosexuals, but Snow can be with a man if pretending and if he knows him

Skin Colors: Tan and Pale

Eye Colors: Silver and Pink, Nick’s has a Cat’s Pupil and Snow’s Iris overtakes his Sclera

Hair Colors: Blue-Black and Snow White

Hair Styles: Long, Neat and Light versus Long, Messy and Heavy, but both Soft and Thick

Other: Nick can look like a long-haired cat or a human with a cat’s long tail and ears.  While his smell can confuse males, he looks decisively like a man, in face and body, if a tiny one.  He has no nails on his hands, so mittens or gloves are a must.  Both have medium to thin lips, though Nick’s is red and Snow’s pink.  Snow’s ears are pointed and furry, and he has a tail.  Happy trails slide down his spine narrowly, but heavily up his chest to a pronounced flair of hair.  Wherever there might be coarse, public hair on a man, there is a thin, delicate amount of fluff.  Nick glides as he walks, but Snow bounces slightly in his swaggers, a haughty air about the lost royal.


Introverted, likes calm people and is a gal’s guy, dislike for doglike and ratlike-based beings, Meek but a Spitfire, Territorial, Likes Petting, Hates Cuddling, Avoids Trouble, Curious, Cautious, Bashful, Gentle—Nick is quite a normal teenager personality-wise and has insecurities about his appearance.  Nick has cat instincts and has a beast like any other therianthrope.  He enjoys the simple things and is horrible at singing.

Extroverted, likes outgoing people and is a guy’s guy, dislike for doglike and catlike-based beings, Social and Aggressive, Possessive, Hates Petting, Likes Cuddling, Stubborn, Arrogant, Headstrong, Naughty, Sadistic—Snow has emotional issues and is afraid to reveal who he is, still caught up in the memories he had as a boy.  He lacks a beast and therefore does not respond like a normal rabbit.  The lack of a beast is a sign that he did not have full therianthropy and may be what protected him from never being able to change back into a human.  Snow has a lingering passion from youth of the classics and, if he hears a song once, he can write out its entire composition from memory.

Equipment / Abilities

Claws on back legs, teeth, strategist, agile, flexible, watchful, street-smarts, ability to change into a cat

Claws, teeth, high energy, fast, acrobatic, long stamina, some advanced fighting skill, ability to change into a bunny


Both are edhianal therianthropes, but only Nick has the typical ancestry.  Normally, they are the descendents of mages where they attempted to attain spiritual immortality and physical invincibility.  That is a far cry from what they became and certainly what Nick is.  They live split between two realities: the normal where they are trapped in animal bodies and a hidden that allows other mages like them to see them for what they truly are.

Sometimes it is clearer than the regular world.  Sometimes it is seen through only one eye.  It can superimpose.  It can take over their vision so that they are otherwise blind as an animal.  However, all hope of returning to normal is lost when they totally lose sight of this place or their name.  Nick has a rare ability to see at will, while Snow’s ghosts.

Another way is to be spiritually linked incorrectly to an animal, taking its DNA.  Often, this results in a vice-versa effect that makes people believe they have switched bodies.  Many do not know that they are edhianal mages and those found by humans have been killed or treated like meal-tickets.  They have chimera DNA, and can even breed with other animals, but it will not produce another edhianal unless with another edhianal.  Sometimes this impure mixture for the edhianal can make the mage sterile, as with Nickie, whose body produces too much estrogen.  He is therefore sterile or at least subfertile and lacks the scent of a male cat, but he is completely straight.

Snow was a fairy prince in line for one of the thrones.  However, on his sixth year, his parents were murdered.  He managed to escape by shifting into a rabbit, his will to live so energized with fright that he bridged the barrier between the spheres.  It is not perfect, but he is able to shift between human and animal, and even bring others along with him.  Nick had no idea that he was human, until Snow gave him a body.  He still refused to believe it until he located his father, an impossibly old and rather large feline, especially compared to his dainty mother.

Before Nickie was adopted, he was a stray and had to act like a bully.  Snow used to be very sweet, but the events with his family and Nickie’s torment until they turned thirteen brought about a sadistic side.  One word: “Payback” and only he is allowed to mess with Nickie.  Snow hates his name, but he cannot remember his real one, so he dodged a bullet.  He likes women, but he is so domineering that he responds to protesting by punishment, which breaks up any chance of a relationship.  He is also unfaithful and kindness is an awkward affair.

The family that owned them sold them when they had to move, but the oldest daughter, Charlie, tracked them down and helps them whenever.  She is the only female that can keep Snow under control and soothe Nick’s fears.  Nickie has a crush on her, but she treats him like a younger brother, like Snow.  She is keen and even-tempered, studying to be a doctor.  In any case, she only found out after seeing them change one day in the new owner’s home, who by the way was also a mage.  Snow literally chewed the man’s balls off and ripped his manhood to shreds after he tried to rape Nickie, all of which threats that Snow bestowed upon Nickie, but never carried out.  The mage tortured him for it and tried to sell him off alone, but Snow put so much the fear of God in him that he settled on selling the two of them separately as his last torment, afraid that Snow would think that he did things to Nick otherwise.


Nick purrs and kneads soft things, which is about the only pain Snow permits.  Snow grinds his teeth in his sleep and chatters them when angry, which is regularly in the morning after Nick has twisted so much in slumber that his ass is against Snow’s head, the brown kiss of death.  Nick likes to have milk for breakfast, and will squall and prod people until he gets some.  Snow calls it titty-milk and once put hot sauce in his bowl, for which Nick took all Snow’s food up a tree.  His family almost fixed him and found out about his medical problems, but now Snow calls him the One-Nut Wonder and his Sidekick Wang, or Pussy.  All Nick has to do is mention his name: Snowball.

Another nickname is Thumper because when he is anxious he taps something incessantly and loudly.  Nick has seen Snow’s whole arm shake during one of these before.  While Nick is not shy about giving what he gets, Snow is rough with him and they mock each other constantly, unless they see more immediate irritants.  Snow, while not liking males, harassed him by rubbing, scaring the living daylights out of the feline mage.  He is no longer princely except in his initial pursuit in a woman; after that, he owns her in his mind.  If a female wants this man, she has to either behave just long enough or survive long enough to embed in his heart.  Nickie is a slightly easier catch, since he is a virgin who lights up at any female, so long as he thinks she really likes him.


Magekin, infected with full therianthropy through edhianalism, specifically domesticated cat

Elfin, infected with half-induced therianthropy through edhianalism, specifically domesticated rabbit


Does not like to speak up, easily distracted, Charlie, no knowledge of other races

Dismisses people too easily, ignorant of social conduct, Charlie, no knowledge of other races