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Razzle or Twilight/whatever u want

Roleplay: (Character Pool)

Owner: Sinz Kitten

Rating: (any)   Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Futuristic, Modern, Other  

She is actually a small two tailed fox pet that gets turned into a human 'hybrid' because of a magic spell. She is usually a helper/companion for a male hunting mythics.

I'd say she is about 5'3''
She has bright aqua eyes that are usually rather large
Her fur is very soft, pure white with black stripes and her hands and feet are completely black in both forms.
She is about 5-10lbs. in fox form and about 115-119lbs. in human form
When she first turns human she has no clothes but later normally only likes to wear a small tube top belly top and short shorts, underwear, or short skirts.

Sweet kind, loving and very loyal.

Equipment / Abilities
she is non-violent but does have claws, sharp teethe, fast reflexes, and can shift back and forth after awhile of being in human form.

She gets stuck in a trap/captured when she is just a month old and her family had been killed by her captors when someone comes and takes her home saving her from being killed or harmed anymore.

she doesn't know what love is so whoever her master is she automatically loves them and will fall in love with them no matter their race or gender so long as they are kind to her at least a little.