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Seikatsu Boseki

Roleplay: "Silhouette's character housing for the homeless"

Player: Silhouette

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"All living people are fucking wastes, the dead at least are more honest."

生活 墓石
Seikatsu Boseki

'The living tombstone'

The Basics:

|Age| Seventeen
|Gender| Male
|Ethnicity| Japanese
|Race| Litch/Necromancer(Was once human)
|Orientation| Demisexual
|Complexion| Ghostly pale
|Hair| Short, unmanageable and pitch black
|Eyes| Faded navy blue
|Build| More on the lean side, but still toned
 |Height| Six feet and one inch

Even before he was a member of the undead, Seikatsu always had a somewhat ghoulish appearance. Some theorize that it has something to do with malnutrition. Or the fact that he was technically dead for the first five minutes after birth. But whatever the reason, his appearance tends to be unsettling for many who first see him. With the sunken dark circles under his eyes, his lazily trimmed short goatee and sideburns and his near porcelain pale complexion. These features combined with his usually apathetic expressions and tendency to walk in a slight slump do little to aid him in communication with others. It also doesn't help much that he's quite tall and has a great number of tattoos. Of which there are ten, when last he counted.

And it's clear looking at him, that although he's not exactly ripped, he still possesses subtle and lean muscle tone. Many have underestimated the strength in his hands in particular. That is until they would later find themselves in cold iron grip anyway. And of course, it should be mentioned that these days especially Seikatsu's overall body temperature tends to be rather cool and occasionally even freezing to the touch. Some have described him in the past as;

'A tall fucking zombie' or simply; 'That creepy ghoul guy'
Seikatsu doesn't have the best opinion over his appearance either, and has even described himself before as;
'Looking like Marilyn Manson's poster boy'

Litch appearance:
With one look, it's no longer even questionable. It becomes abundantly clear that Seikatsu isn't human. His skin color turns from it's nearly white pale, to a blue tinted and stony grey. The entirety of his eyes, i.e whites iris's and all turn a solid black. Every one of his teeth becomes unnaturally sharp and carnivorous. His overall build and height remains unchanged, however this form no longer bleeds like that of a mortal man. Instead the blood looks think and black, not that unlike the constancy of tar. Often his tattoos will glow white whenever he utilizes any form of magic, such as summoning and raising the dead.

In Brief:

The Good:

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In Detail:

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